Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last night, friend's wedding at Traders Hotel, Singapore.

People around me and people I know got married, got kids and things. So others asking me when you gonna get married (even taxi driver last night, after having some convo like which function was I attending at hotel)?

I want to have Pajama theme wedding dinner reception. HM is worrying for me that future-groom's parents might not like it. Duh~ thinking so far. Maybe, I won't even get married.

I feel so fat after seeing girls and everyone dress up nicely and pretty from wedding. I should exerciseeeeeee.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This small little cutest thing saying WHATEVERRRR with her expression and rolling eyes. I can't stop watching over and over again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tsukumo Ryusuke is neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (part of the National Police Agency). He is generally incapable of reading the atmosphere of a situation, but when it comes to science, he is well respected. Whenever something catches his interest, he thoroughly sticks to it and never gives up, chasing down the criminals with certainty.

I am currently watching Mr.Brain JDrama. I start watching all because of my Takukimu (Takuya Kimura). But this drama is really exciting. It is all about crime, murder (sorta Japanese CSI?).

The best of all is Takuya Kimura is good looking and really fun to watch.

There has like famous guest actors, actresses in every episode. I saw like Kamenashi Kazuya in Episode 3. I watched his drama "Nobuta Wo Produce". He is just a skinny actor. But in this drama, he looks normal and look really really good now (I can say he gains weight and I can say I kinda like him). In Episode 2, this psycho-killer-who-eats-human-fresh is looking good but kinda creepy look as well. My friend told me his name is Gackt and he is singer. Before I knew it, I was thinking like good looking extra and good looking criminal. Haha.

(Vico may say another homosexual looking guy?)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was addicted to this once. Now it start, so can't stop, I want to take more next time. Duh, to take picture with office wear, tacky tacky.

To Vico : I am watching 'That Fool" now. Brilliant Legacy, bad-boy-falls-for-the-girl, but I don't know any of actors or actresses at there. So I stop watching mid of episode 1, maybe only when I have more time. Yes, I have watched Speedy Scandal, I like Cha Tae Hyun plus the kid is so cute.

Friday, June 19, 2009

It is not like I am so desperate to get boyfriend or marry. But I really love love their wedding photo shoot from 'We Got Married' korean variety show (So In Young and Crown J are not really married. Photoshoot is from that tv program). I love their photoshoot among all the other couples. Crown J pulls off from tradional-all-same-groom-suits. He wears this big blingbling necklace, tacky golden coat, wearing sunglasses and new era cap. He is oh so unique. The photoshoot is unique also such as with all their so-called-babies SHOE.

I like this picture.

Check out the pictures from below. I like them best.

Btw, one of my best friend is going to give birth her baby girl next month in Texas. Almost all my best friend around my age (some are a bit older than me about 1-3 years) are married. This baby boy is one of my best friend's son. Now I am staying at their house. I can see him like everyday and babysit him for sometimes. He is so cute. He is about 5 months old now.

Well, at new house, it was taken last month after finished some cleaning. It reminds me of this lyric. Maybe, I was holding guitar and feel like rockstar?

When you walked, through the door
It was clear to me
You're the one, they adore
Who they came to see
You're a, rock star
Everybody wants you
Who can really blame you?
We're the ones who made you

It is lyric from Eminem song "We Made You". I like this song. Haha, it is just random feeling though. Punching bag beside me, I tried to punch sometimes (exercise?). This guitar is my friend's newly purchase. He still has about 3 more guitars or something. Guitar craze guy (the baby boy's dad).

To MaBayDar : I replied you in your blog :)

To Vico : I didn't know you watch those KDrama. I still need two more episodes to finish. I need subtitles (argh, I should learn korean?). What other dramas are you watching currently? Any good and exciting one, not too draggy and slow one though. Phillip Lee, I love him when he speaking, his voice is so sexy even sexier when he talks in English :D It is not like I like homosexual type guy, but I just like him :p

Picture credit : google. I forgot where I got it from exactly. I just saved them in my PC.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Man's Story / The Slingshot / Story Of A Man

Kim Shin is a man who once had it all. A scam, engineered by Chae Do Woo (the head of a big conglemerate), ruined his family and his father's company went bankrupt because of him. He wants revenge against those whose made his life a living hell. Seo Kyung Ah is his girlfriend who works diligently in order to help him repay his debts. Shin along with the help of some people that he's met approaches Chae Do Woo's sister, Eun Soo, in order to start his revenge.

Currently, I am watching this drama. This is so good and exciting. My heart is racing while I am watching this. Episode after episode, I want to watch more. I thnk current K drama trend is not fatal disease and love story. It is about mind racing, revenge, Rich Vs Poor.

Lee Phillip, ahh, he is so sexy. I don't like guy with moustache. But he is exception. He looks better with little bit of moustache.

But without moustache, his look is not that bad. But look kinda prince or pretty boy. He can speak english well. Omg, I love it when ASIAN speaks very good english with nice accents such as American accent, British accent. It is so sexy. I have weakness for tall guy speaking good english and kinda player type (I know player type should be NO NO, but shoot me). Maybe I watch too much drama?

Yes, another actor I like with moustache is Yoon Sang Hyun. Yes, he is old, but I like him in 'Queen of Housewives'. Without moustache, he looks so plain and I don't like him. Btw, I am not talking about bushy moustache, I am talking about very little bit of moustache only.

credit : google

Friday, June 12, 2009

It was pretty long that I didn't update.

Well, now I want Samsung S5600 Preston. White is cute.
3.2 Mega pixels camera, Full touch screen. Sadly, no wi-fi. Price is madly cheap for touch screen phone. No contract phone is around $400 only.

There has a few interesting functions such as Gesture Unlock which enables you to simultaneously unlock the phone and execute the menu directly as you draw a letter of the alphabet on the touch screen. You can set which menu you want to correspond to each letter according to you preferences.

Mobile track which automatically sends an SMS message to a pre-designated number alerting you when you phone's SIM card is changed, increasing your chances of recovering a lost or stolen mobile phone (If I only have this function on my previous Samsung F700, I might get back my phone, sobbb~~)

Find Music function is record 10 seconds of the song you hear from somewhere. Using this function it can be sent to the server to know more information about the song (I did write my own word, the function is something like that)

MicroSD card can be up to 16GB.

Smile detection in camera function which can take picture when you smile only when you on this feature (I tested smile detection function on my uncle's Sony T700 camera before. It is called smile shutter)

I gonna extend my phone contract once I get $100 off vocher and get Samsung S5600. At first, I want Nokia 5800. But I do not want to spend some money on phone because I am totally broke now, seriously. Nokia N97 is out. I want it too. White please, it looks so sexy. But too expensive, can't afford yet.

I had IT executive Breakfast Seminar at Four Seasons Hotel yesterday. I love scrambled egg from there. I gonna try to make scrambled egg at home, Yayy!!

P.S. I do not want to study. Sigh~~ But I have to study for exam =/ After exam, I have to attend my friend's wedding at Traders Hotel. I still do not know what to wear. I should buy dress and other things. Maybe, I shall do on the weekend after exam. Yesterday was my best friend's wedding in YGN. Wish you all the best and congratulation, buddy (HM). And come back here soon.

Another P.S. I was posting about Samsung S5600, I did not know there has Samsung mobile ad from Nuffnang http://www.samsungunpacked.com/Singapore/
Maybe, I should check out that to get it? Check out the website from ad, it looks so secretive though.
Oh by the way, I am good sister. So this new phone probably will go to my brother and he gonna use it. But I might use it a while or sometimes also :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Problems around me

Monday, June 1, 2009

Now I tweet :)


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