Friday, June 12, 2009


It was pretty long that I didn't update.

Well, now I want Samsung S5600 Preston. White is cute.
3.2 Mega pixels camera, Full touch screen. Sadly, no wi-fi. Price is madly cheap for touch screen phone. No contract phone is around $400 only.

There has a few interesting functions such as Gesture Unlock which enables you to simultaneously unlock the phone and execute the menu directly as you draw a letter of the alphabet on the touch screen. You can set which menu you want to correspond to each letter according to you preferences.

Mobile track which automatically sends an SMS message to a pre-designated number alerting you when you phone's SIM card is changed, increasing your chances of recovering a lost or stolen mobile phone (If I only have this function on my previous Samsung F700, I might get back my phone, sobbb~~)

Find Music function is record 10 seconds of the song you hear from somewhere. Using this function it can be sent to the server to know more information about the song (I did write my own word, the function is something like that)

MicroSD card can be up to 16GB.

Smile detection in camera function which can take picture when you smile only when you on this feature (I tested smile detection function on my uncle's Sony T700 camera before. It is called smile shutter)

I gonna extend my phone contract once I get $100 off vocher and get Samsung S5600. At first, I want Nokia 5800. But I do not want to spend some money on phone because I am totally broke now, seriously. Nokia N97 is out. I want it too. White please, it looks so sexy. But too expensive, can't afford yet.

I had IT executive Breakfast Seminar at Four Seasons Hotel yesterday. I love scrambled egg from there. I gonna try to make scrambled egg at home, Yayy!!

P.S. I do not want to study. Sigh~~ But I have to study for exam =/ After exam, I have to attend my friend's wedding at Traders Hotel. I still do not know what to wear. I should buy dress and other things. Maybe, I shall do on the weekend after exam. Yesterday was my best friend's wedding in YGN. Wish you all the best and congratulation, buddy (HM). And come back here soon.

Another P.S. I was posting about Samsung S5600, I did not know there has Samsung mobile ad from Nuffnang
Maybe, I should check out that to get it? Check out the website from ad, it looks so secretive though.
Oh by the way, I am good sister. So this new phone probably will go to my brother and he gonna use it. But I might use it a while or sometimes also :D


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