Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Man's Story / The Slingshot / Story Of A Man

Kim Shin is a man who once had it all. A scam, engineered by Chae Do Woo (the head of a big conglemerate), ruined his family and his father's company went bankrupt because of him. He wants revenge against those whose made his life a living hell. Seo Kyung Ah is his girlfriend who works diligently in order to help him repay his debts. Shin along with the help of some people that he's met approaches Chae Do Woo's sister, Eun Soo, in order to start his revenge.

Currently, I am watching this drama. This is so good and exciting. My heart is racing while I am watching this. Episode after episode, I want to watch more. I thnk current K drama trend is not fatal disease and love story. It is about mind racing, revenge, Rich Vs Poor.

Lee Phillip, ahh, he is so sexy. I don't like guy with moustache. But he is exception. He looks better with little bit of moustache.

But without moustache, his look is not that bad. But look kinda prince or pretty boy. He can speak english well. Omg, I love it when ASIAN speaks very good english with nice accents such as American accent, British accent. It is so sexy. I have weakness for tall guy speaking good english and kinda player type (I know player type should be NO NO, but shoot me). Maybe I watch too much drama?

Yes, another actor I like with moustache is Yoon Sang Hyun. Yes, he is old, but I like him in 'Queen of Housewives'. Without moustache, he looks so plain and I don't like him. Btw, I am not talking about bushy moustache, I am talking about very little bit of moustache only.

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  1. mabaydar said...
    when i was in korea, that drama "A Man's Story" is showing.. I like Park Young Ha so much.. but i thought it would b boring drama and he is with moustache. But now i am going to watch that drama. By the way, the 2nd guy is who? In which drama is he starring?
    Vico said...
    A Man's Story is great, the acting and storyline are both really good. Though something about the ending really bothered me, but I won't spoil it for you. IDK, sometimes Philip Lee looks kinda like a homosexual, but if that's the style you like...

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