Sunday, August 31, 2008

I bought these two bedsheets from Aussino for my brother. He complained about his bedsheets. Yeah. I bought the design I like, who care, he likes it or not? :D (yes, he complained about the design again)

I went to IT show with WL and her sister. So tiring. Then we had early dinner at New York New York at Citylink Mall (early dinner is better, because if dinner time, queuing at New York New York is bother. I hate queuing at restaurant to get table)

We had mega zega combo meal. We ordered one dish each for ourselves. Then we order big big platter for all of us. Waitress got big surprise that we three girls having a lot. She was like 'omg, omg, could you three girls can finish this?'. WL was joking that 'you wanna bet?' (yes, we couldn't finish at last, WL had to call her brother to come down to have meal with us.)

Meat Platter for 2
(Spring Chicken, Pork Ribs, Fried Chicken Chop?, Potato Wedges, Coleslaw, Baked Bean)
I love pork ribs from there

Meet the giant?

Yes, I had that, spaghetti bolognese with giant meat ball. Being a spaghetti lover, ofcourse, I will order pasta or spaghetti only.

That two is WL's and her sister's pizza. Seafood marirana pizza and chessy chicken or something (big sausages with cheese and french fries)

Me and WL

Love those dresses. Self taking pictures in dressing room are cool. It's been quite long that I didn't take any.

On the way, I was walking. I was thirsty and I bought this distilled water from Watsons. Bottle is pretty (I never tried this water before, yeah). I love distilled water, they taste like coconut water. Mineral water is suck.

Look at the cap. It can be small cup to drink (which I mostly saw in Kdrama, like when they are drinking soju with small glass)

Bought gummies from Mini Toon. Yummy yummy. I love that stone shape chocolate and sunflower seed cover with chocolate. But this time that sunflower seed cover with choclate has bad smell. Overdue?

Friday, August 29, 2008

It is so hard to get my future darling Samsung F700. Geez, I went like three places just to find this phone to buy. But guess what, turn out like there has none. It is either out of stock or Samsung stop manufacturing this model. I don't know. Dammit. I'm so mad. Yesterday I went to all the shops which sell Samsung products at Comex IT show. Why they are pushing to sell only F480 and Omnia only. I'm obesses with QWERTY keyboard, not just with touch screen. With QWERTY keyboard slider is UNIQUE. After that show, I went to this mega handphone store at Plaza Singapura. There had none for this model as well and asked me to come back next week. After that, I went to this handphone shop at Toa Payoh (I found out that shop from website). They asked me to come back tomorrow (which is today) again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What I bought / got these few days.

My love, sesame candy from Daiso. I love this candy. It is not so sweet and crunchy because of sesame

I got this Gotham membership card. You can sign up at their website to get this membership card. They will mail to you address. Free entry with three guests. Yo! I will go and check out at there some days. The card is glitter and pretty at least it can be collection card.

I love these cotton boxers from Watsons. I bought total of 8. I love to wear this and t-shirts when I'm at home.

I bought two pants at Cotton On. I love short pants from there. Now I got total of 4 of these pants but different color.

My brother gave me this red laptop bag. Shiny and red makes this elegant. (he got black for himself, he insisted or joked that he wants red. So gay for a guy to have red, isn't it? He said he will wear pink t-shirt which he bought a few days ago and this red laptop bag. Lol)


I bought this silver ballet flat from Cotton On as well. I want gold color as well.

When I took photo of only flat, the color seem a bit gold. Isn't it?

I bought these from Pasamalan. I have collection of this and I love them. Cartoon, my fave. Most of the times, wear this at home.

I bought the dress. Ugly? Ok? Nice? Well, they look fine to me. Wearing this look better, I guess. I tried in fitting room. The shoulder design looks kinda tarzan to me :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last night, I watched this movie "Kung Fu Hip Hop", I didn't hear positive comments about this movie. But I don't believe it and I watched it all for Popping Hyeon Joon. Yes, they are right. This movie is just buhhh except watching dancing.

What's up with poster? Gothic, Robber, No comment. Actually, it is one DJ and two B-Boys

Casts of this movie are Jordan Chan (center), Fang Bing Bing (right), Popping Hyeon Joon (left).

I will tell you annoying facts of this movie. Spoiler alert!!!

1. The actor Jordan Chan, I feel he is too old to dance (not age discrimination, but I still feel so). His dance isn't better than Popping Hyeon Joon for sure. But he still wins in final and Fang Bing Bing said Jordan Chan is natural born dancer. lol.

2. Fang Bing Bing, DJ in the movie. She dances too much while she is doing deejay. Rather than DJ, the way she wears and everything is like actress or model or something to me. I don't feel any Street fashion in her.

3. Popping Hyeon Joon, he acts in this movie is like he makes a fool of himself and he is like joke. I respect him so much, I respect his dancing. He is like one of the best Popping dancing guy. He is korean. But in this movie, he is chinese guy and they dub his voice to chinese speaking, wtf? Why don't they have better script like he is korean breakdance champion or something? He dances too much solo although they compete as group. Other dancers in his group are like dancer's back dancer (supporing dancers?). He is the only one who dances while others have to freeze in his back or his surrounding.

4. There has one actor from Singapore who has to act like the club's boss who is Popping Hyeon Joon's boss as well. He has to be a bit like villain as well. Because he tries to bribe Jordan Chan by paying 1 million to give up participating in final dance competation. He bribes some people to make fake fans who supporting Popping Hyeon Joon as well. Haha, in this movie, they make actors from other countries sorta like villains?

Watch the trailer.

Enough saying this. Now the virus I-want-Samsung-F700 is seriously spreading me after watching some preview video from YouTube last night. I want to get it ASAP now. I will check at StarHub first and inquiry to recontract or something (even though my phone contract isn't 2 yeas yet, it is only 1 year plus now). If not, I might have to buy it without contract phone at outside.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday nite, went to MOS like really like 2AM++. Nge came and picked me up at my house (Thanks, gal)

The room is smoking hot and sweaty with crowd. MOS is best for Hip Hop music. I love SMOOVE room.

Those group dancing people are so cute. And another cute thing is when DJ played Get Low by Flo Rida feat T Pain, all the people were dancing lower and lower (at the time "Shawty got low low low low low low low low". Haha. It was so cute.

Lesson learn : The world is small, Nge will know the meaning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night, I tried to watch some videos from YouTube and I found out that this kid is cute and really talented in singing even though he is still so young.

check out more @ his YouTube channel

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, you better come out soon. If not, I gonna dump Sony Ericsson and find new love Samsung F700.

Now I so wanna get Samsung F700, touch screen plus slider QWERTY keyboard (I'm bored to dead to use bar phone), isn't it awesome? (Crap, I don't need iPhone)

Samsung F700

Once I get new phone, I want to decorate my phone. I found this awesome site called for accessories of decorating hand phone. They all are so uber cute and bling blong. Just check the website for more items. You can online shopping at there. They are from Japan. Don't worry, the site is english version site. I want to buy some stuffs from that site.
I want to bling my phone until it hurts other people's eyes and go blind looking at my phone, lol. I want to decorate my phone until others think 'am I crazy or what?' or they envy of my phone decoration or once a glance, they know that my phone.

Hand phone pouch, cute aye.
Someone's handphone (I got from this blog messily cute with a lot of handphone keychain. Look how it is decorate on handphone's front part.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh well, finish exam for one subject, 9 more will come within 18 months.

Iljimae is so good. Lee Jun Ki is great.

Well, this is so random. I know.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I get to know these MTV from "Lan Bay Kar Yan Myar" album. They are great. But just one thing, too much smoke, *cough* *cough*
I wonder why they don't out as VCD yet.

Pan Tine Tho by Cyclone

Pan Tine Tho

24-7 by Cyclone


Microphone by On Track


Min Ma Kyite Tat Hip Hop

min ma kyite tat hip hop

Source :

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm yearning over this starbites feast from Pizza Hut like so long. My cousin from Bangkok came to Singapore yesterday. As usual, we got this get-together-meal. We don't eat out at Pizza Hut like last two times she came. I ordered starbites feast for delivery. I thought this

I thought this starbites cheesy exterme pizza will be small (guess after looking at picture from Pizza Hut's website and Pizza Hut's flyer). But it is quite big though. Not bad.

Ocean Catch is really good with prawn, squid and mayo.

I order lasagne as well. I forgot to take picture.

I might be Italian in my previous life or what? I do love Italian food and I'm happy when I eat Italian food especially pizza, lasagne, spaghetti, pasta.

I was playing card online at viwawa and my cousin took picture.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is my dish (good dish). Prawn.

This is my brother's dish (poor dish). Vermicelli soup.

His plate. Poor one.

My plate. Good one, got prawn, right?

After that we went to downstair to get some fresh air. (my brother started the idea and he dragged me to downstair)

My brother = tall guy bullies on pony ride

Okay, Bye, Peace out!!!
Charcoal mask on my face


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