Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, you better come out soon. If not, I gonna dump Sony Ericsson and find new love Samsung F700.

Now I so wanna get Samsung F700, touch screen plus slider QWERTY keyboard (I'm bored to dead to use bar phone), isn't it awesome? (Crap, I don't need iPhone)

Samsung F700

Once I get new phone, I want to decorate my phone. I found this awesome site called for accessories of decorating hand phone. They all are so uber cute and bling blong. Just check the website for more items. You can online shopping at there. They are from Japan. Don't worry, the site is english version site. I want to buy some stuffs from that site.
I want to bling my phone until it hurts other people's eyes and go blind looking at my phone, lol. I want to decorate my phone until others think 'am I crazy or what?' or they envy of my phone decoration or once a glance, they know that my phone.

Hand phone pouch, cute aye.
Someone's handphone (I got from this blog messily cute with a lot of handphone keychain. Look how it is decorate on handphone's front part.


  1. Strawberry High said...
    oooo! So cute! :3 I want one of those for my phone. D: US has stupid decorations. I should do my shopping out of the country. :D
    SZA said...
    u should do ur shoppin at that site..they send to US too
    Strawberry High said...
    Oh really now? Hehehe. I've found a loophole! XD;; I just need to get a credit card, no way my dad would ever pay.
    SZA said...
    haha..that good :D
    tell him that u wil pay him bac in cash
    Strawberry High said...
    nah, that doesn't win with him. D:
    mabaydar said...
    I like the 6th and 10th decoration. Something like classic. But i like donut and ice-cream decoration too. It's too cute.
    Strawberry High said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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