Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last night, I watched this movie "Kung Fu Hip Hop", I didn't hear positive comments about this movie. But I don't believe it and I watched it all for Popping Hyeon Joon. Yes, they are right. This movie is just buhhh except watching dancing.

What's up with poster? Gothic, Robber, No comment. Actually, it is one DJ and two B-Boys

Casts of this movie are Jordan Chan (center), Fang Bing Bing (right), Popping Hyeon Joon (left).

I will tell you annoying facts of this movie. Spoiler alert!!!

1. The actor Jordan Chan, I feel he is too old to dance (not age discrimination, but I still feel so). His dance isn't better than Popping Hyeon Joon for sure. But he still wins in final and Fang Bing Bing said Jordan Chan is natural born dancer. lol.

2. Fang Bing Bing, DJ in the movie. She dances too much while she is doing deejay. Rather than DJ, the way she wears and everything is like actress or model or something to me. I don't feel any Street fashion in her.

3. Popping Hyeon Joon, he acts in this movie is like he makes a fool of himself and he is like joke. I respect him so much, I respect his dancing. He is like one of the best Popping dancing guy. He is korean. But in this movie, he is chinese guy and they dub his voice to chinese speaking, wtf? Why don't they have better script like he is korean breakdance champion or something? He dances too much solo although they compete as group. Other dancers in his group are like dancer's back dancer (supporing dancers?). He is the only one who dances while others have to freeze in his back or his surrounding.

4. There has one actor from Singapore who has to act like the club's boss who is Popping Hyeon Joon's boss as well. He has to be a bit like villain as well. Because he tries to bribe Jordan Chan by paying 1 million to give up participating in final dance competation. He bribes some people to make fake fans who supporting Popping Hyeon Joon as well. Haha, in this movie, they make actors from other countries sorta like villains?

Watch the trailer.

Enough saying this. Now the virus I-want-Samsung-F700 is seriously spreading me after watching some preview video from YouTube last night. I want to get it ASAP now. I will check at StarHub first and inquiry to recontract or something (even though my phone contract isn't 2 yeas yet, it is only 1 year plus now). If not, I might have to buy it without contract phone at outside.


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