Sunday, August 31, 2008

I bought these two bedsheets from Aussino for my brother. He complained about his bedsheets. Yeah. I bought the design I like, who care, he likes it or not? :D (yes, he complained about the design again)

I went to IT show with WL and her sister. So tiring. Then we had early dinner at New York New York at Citylink Mall (early dinner is better, because if dinner time, queuing at New York New York is bother. I hate queuing at restaurant to get table)

We had mega zega combo meal. We ordered one dish each for ourselves. Then we order big big platter for all of us. Waitress got big surprise that we three girls having a lot. She was like 'omg, omg, could you three girls can finish this?'. WL was joking that 'you wanna bet?' (yes, we couldn't finish at last, WL had to call her brother to come down to have meal with us.)

Meat Platter for 2
(Spring Chicken, Pork Ribs, Fried Chicken Chop?, Potato Wedges, Coleslaw, Baked Bean)
I love pork ribs from there

Meet the giant?

Yes, I had that, spaghetti bolognese with giant meat ball. Being a spaghetti lover, ofcourse, I will order pasta or spaghetti only.

That two is WL's and her sister's pizza. Seafood marirana pizza and chessy chicken or something (big sausages with cheese and french fries)

Me and WL

Love those dresses. Self taking pictures in dressing room are cool. It's been quite long that I didn't take any.

On the way, I was walking. I was thirsty and I bought this distilled water from Watsons. Bottle is pretty (I never tried this water before, yeah). I love distilled water, they taste like coconut water. Mineral water is suck.

Look at the cap. It can be small cup to drink (which I mostly saw in Kdrama, like when they are drinking soju with small glass)

Bought gummies from Mini Toon. Yummy yummy. I love that stone shape chocolate and sunflower seed cover with chocolate. But this time that sunflower seed cover with choclate has bad smell. Overdue?


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