Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We were planning to have get together since quite long time ago. It was hard to meet with my BFF Wynnle since she is working as shift as well. Now I work as shift as well, so finally, we can meet and have some time together. We went to Yuki Yaki buffet at Marina Square.

Pile of meat and don't know like what is what anymore. BBQ is one sided and soup is one sided. It is really good organized.

Let's eat

After eating meat and things, we moved to another table and started to make D.I.Y Ice Cream, it was my first time and so much fun.

In progress of making Raspberry Ice Cream

My Yam Ice Cream and Wynnle made Vanilla Ice Cream again.

F1 is around the corner, starting this Friday? So we saw some promotion thing at Marina Square.

(Left to Right) Wynnle in model mood and I am in F1 driver mood

Tested some nail color at Etude CitiLink. I finally bought ribbon/bow hair clip today.

Ah, finally bought air ticket to go back YGN in Nov. Just purchased air ticket from Silkair website.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These are photos from my friend's birthday at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant at Orchard Central. I just got photos from my friend's camera.

(left to right) in front of signboard of restaurant, in the lift, in front of orchard central

Today, me and my brother had brother sister outing, eating at Sakura Buffet and shopping at IKEA. It was breaklunch, it was lunch time but we didn't have breakfast yet, we just woke up and went there. I had to work night shift last night as over time. So I reached home like in the morning 8am. I slept for a while like 3 hours only and went to Sakura

Just food


While my brother was being normal and I was abnormal

Doesn't look like he is reading at home, haha. We wish it was our home. It was at IKEA. Fun to go IKEA, because we can play around with all the display set.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last week, one of my best friend's birthday at Tung Lok Seafood Chinese Restaurant at Orchard central roof garden. The food were great, it was buffet, but we didn't need to go and take food, we just needed to order. They would just came and served after food had been cooked.

Too concentration on food and couldn't take better picture. Just only one picture though.

Today, me and my brother just had dinner at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant. My brother was just bored to stay at home and he wanted to go out. I wanted to eat something. So end up eating at Tampines 1. When we ordered food, the waitress was talking to us in Chinese and we told them we didn't understand Chinese. And she was looking for someone to help her. So this manager guy came to us. This manager guy is so good looking (very hard working as well, I should take his picture, right?). Hehehe, I was drooling before the food, lol. I ordered combo set and my brother ordered steak set. They were asking how he wanted his steak as (rare, medium, etc). He was noob, lol. He didn't know. So he just said medium.

The set came with drink, garlic bread and cream soup. They are quite good.

My combo set (left to right - chicken chop, pork chop, fish fillet) with black pepper sauce, corn and potato wedges

My brother's steak set with garlic cream sauce. I tried two pieces of steak, it is quite good and chewy. My brother said he felt like he was an animal eating another eating. Chew and jaw exercise a lot. Actually, he wanted it like well cooked. He ordered garlic white sauce, he didn't know it gonna pour on his meat. He thought they gonna as separate bowl. So near the end, he felt bitter after having too much garlic sauce.
After he had this steak, now he googled and learning how to order steak, haha. He wants 'well done' steak for next time.

They have a lot of varieties to try out. Definitely, I gonna go and eat at there again, because of food and haha. The price is really reasonable and the food is good. One set is only S$15.80 for promotional price.

I have bought a few shoes last week at Mondo. I love Mondo shoes, they are comfortable to wear and I like their design as well. Now I have 4 pairs of Mondo shoes. They are having some promotion price as well (how I cannot resist to promotion price, I keep on buying thing and eating). I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes. Actually, I just wanted to buy peep toe heel only. After seeing three pairs of shoe, you may guess what I like. I really like ribbon and bow on my shoes.

Grrr. I was sick last week. Now I am still having a bit of sore throat and dry throat. Go away, darn! I hate the feeling. In my office, I have trained about 3 newbies, Jackie, Sarah and one of the new internship girl (sorry, I forgot her name) today. Sarah gave me water bottle today as present because I was her mentor. How sweet! I felt bad if I treated her strict and quite bad. I just worked at my current job about only 4 months and now became like one of the senior, lol. The new girl or other people told me that they thought I have been working here for quite long. I started working as 12 hours shift now and I have more free time. I gonna enjoy more off days. Yayyy. My shift is like starting from Wed to Sat or Thur to Sat. 4 working days, 4 off days and 3 working days, 3 off days.

To Vico : I made my signature picture as my profile picture in Facebook :D Well, I am thinking to cut my hair. I don't know I should keep it long or I want short hair again now.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Since I join IBM, there are stressful days and tough days. But I am getting a lot of friends and getting along well with them.

After training on Saturday, we went to Changi Airport T3 to have lunch with them.
(left side) Sarah, Catherine, Jackie
(right side) Yang, Me, Maricel

We are the king/queen?
Me and Jackie. I am Jackie's mentor. Haha.
She was like I wanted to take picture with my mentor. Haha.
By the way, I want to get that chair.

Today we hanged out again, Jackie texted me in the morning that Yang asking other to go to watch movie. I was like ok, I would join. After taking shower and about to get dress, my brother texted me to come to Changi General Hospital Accident & Emergency. His jaw was dislocated and he could not close his mouth. I was so worried and I didn't know what to do. I run out from home and tried to get taxi (where the heck are they, when I need taxi). Then when I reached Changi Hospital, he was waiting at waiting area to meet doctor. Finally, doctor fixed back his jaw. He was ok now. Then I missed the chance to go to watch movie with my friend. But I joined them after their movie. I needed a bit of shopping at Vivo City as well. After that I had to go to one of my friend's birthday at Orchard Central.

So here we are now. At Food Republic.
(left side) Jackie, Hanny, Cherie
(right side) Yang and me
Jackie the pop corn promoter and Yang the bag promoter

Me and Jackie
I am hiding behind her, so I would look smaller, haha.

Me, Jackie and Yang

Me, Jackie and Cherie

Us again

I thought Yang took picture only of Jackie. But later he said on facebook that I was not cooperative to take photo.

I like this picture. I think this facial expression is my signature or I look better in it?
It was taken by Cherie.

I got a call from my friend and Yang took this picture
(left to right) Jackie, Cherie, Hanny, Melanie, Me

Time to make funny expressions

Just pretending to shout


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