Monday, February 28, 2011

I gonna receive iphone 4 tomorrow. Apple already sent with DHL express and I am expecting to receive by tomorrow. So I just ordered a few casings from gmarket. Will pose picture when I receive case. They are cute and unique. Well, I might not have time to use immediately or I don't know yet. I have to go and get my sim card cut to become micro sim card and change plan at starhub. Straight working till 3 March. Then my friend is coming here, and I will have off day till 8 March, to hang out with my friend. After that 9 straight working day until 17 March. Then off to Yangon, teehee. My one and only brother doesn't want to send me to airport. Grrr. He said why don't you go yourself? I may have more than one bag and I am girl/woman. Ok? Why don't you help me? I am not asking stranger. I am asking my one and only brother. I guess we were enemies in our past life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am buying quite a lot of things from lately. Without going to any shopping centers or things, it is making my pocket hole bigger and bigger. I cannot resist cute things.
VOV blusher and lip gloss
Tony Moly Tomatox Brighening Mask

Baviphat BB Cream with sample

Pupa Brushes

Baviphat Nail Polish

Dear Face Nail Polish

Baviphat Mini Masks 

3W Loose Powder

Cracking Nail Polish

The place where my loves stay

I just love nail polish

My bling bling nail

I still have a few more items which are on the way of delivering to me and I didn't take pictures of a few items as well. Another yayyyy is I just bought iphone 4G from online. Now waiting for delivering. I am into online shopping and waiting presents at home like everyday. Iphone 4 is early birthday for myself and from my dear brother. Haha. Sweet.
I am going back Yangon in next month and I will stay there about like 20 days. I am so looking forward to it.

To Vico : Nope, my VIP friend already went back to Myanmar. Another VIP friend will come again in March, a little bit lesser VIP though =p I like my tshirt too, it is cute, right? I am currently into those big tshirt with unique and cute designs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I had Buffet Lunch at Carousel Royal Plaza On Scotts with my dear Wynnle. Very good buffet and loving it. I should take a lot of food pictures. But was rushing to eat since I arrived late and lunch buffet was only from 12 noon to 2PM.

I love crayfish

Me & Wynnle



After buffet, I had to go to City Hall. I met Susie expectedly. We walked to Esplande and Marina Square. Walking around shopping centers with no plan at all. Then she wanted to walk from City Hall to Orchard. But we took train. After that we walked from Orchard to City Hall, City Hall to Clarke Quay, Clarke Quay to Dhoby Ghaut. It was quite distance. I thought I burn all my calories I ate from buffet. Lol. Maybe, I burnt like 1000 calories and walked like 10 miles. Not sure exactly though. I am kidding. =p

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks to my VIP friend and his connection. If I am with him, we roll like VIP everywhere. lol.

I didn't go to the concert because he said he just gonna sing only two songs. Just don't come and I should rest at home first (since I came out from night shift duty). So I just slept at home. But Ying Ying went to the concert and she said it was awesome. Plus, I was waiting at City Hall like forever. I woke up at 4.30PM and went to City Hall and reached there like 6.30PM. I was really hungry and had dinner at there first. He said he needed to sing two more songs. So I thought if I reached there like 6.30PM, it would be just nice. Later he said that he needed to sing one more song again and finally we met around like 8.30PM?

We just walked around Clarke Quay. Ying Ying, Naung, Me and Khaung.

My brother joined us after his work. So group photo. In case if you don't know, my VIP friend is sitting and the one wearing blue high cut shoe. Another guy sitting with black shirt is my brother from another mother. Haha.


After that, we went to Zirca. John's friend would open 9 liters of alcohol and got like VIP place and table. I wanted to go home, since I didn't dance nor drink. It was boring for me to join them. But they asked me to join. So I joined them for a while. Ying, Khaung and Naung all went back home. They didn't join for clubbing.
Haha, my brother virgin visit to clubbing and he put his facebook status like 'chilled like VIP at Zirca, Rebel'. The guy (should I say like boy? He is like 18 years old only) who invited and host this event is like really VIP and his friend is club owner's son. So he knows everyone from that places and get along well with bouncers and all. His friends who came with him on that night were all under 18 years. But somehow, they all sneaked in too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anonymous reader said "dun b sad sis.. there has some ppl love you, care you... like me the regular reader =)

Thank you. You really encourage me. I will update more soon.

Now my VIP friend is in Singapore. So I gonna be busy outing and be his manager. lol.

Me and my brother just came back from Zirca. He was still there.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

I didn't have chance to go back to Myanmar to celebrate with my parents. I am pure Chinese by blood, so we do celebrate CNY back home. I miss CNY in Myanmar, red pocket money, food and relatives. It have been about 10 years I am away from home. Maybe, I will try to go back next time.

Well, my friend is in Malaysia now. He is coming to Singapore on Saturday. Yayy, looking forward to it. Then just one and half more month to go home again.

Um, let's week I visited Singapore Zoo on baby Kweet Kweet's birthday. It was raining, but much fun and memorable though. I didn't get photos from my friend memory card yet to upload here.


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