Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks to my VIP friend and his connection. If I am with him, we roll like VIP everywhere. lol.

I didn't go to the concert because he said he just gonna sing only two songs. Just don't come and I should rest at home first (since I came out from night shift duty). So I just slept at home. But Ying Ying went to the concert and she said it was awesome. Plus, I was waiting at City Hall like forever. I woke up at 4.30PM and went to City Hall and reached there like 6.30PM. I was really hungry and had dinner at there first. He said he needed to sing two more songs. So I thought if I reached there like 6.30PM, it would be just nice. Later he said that he needed to sing one more song again and finally we met around like 8.30PM?

We just walked around Clarke Quay. Ying Ying, Naung, Me and Khaung.

My brother joined us after his work. So group photo. In case if you don't know, my VIP friend is sitting and the one wearing blue high cut shoe. Another guy sitting with black shirt is my brother from another mother. Haha.


After that, we went to Zirca. John's friend would open 9 liters of alcohol and got like VIP place and table. I wanted to go home, since I didn't dance nor drink. It was boring for me to join them. But they asked me to join. So I joined them for a while. Ying, Khaung and Naung all went back home. They didn't join for clubbing.
Haha, my brother virgin visit to clubbing and he put his facebook status like 'chilled like VIP at Zirca, Rebel'. The guy (should I say like boy? He is like 18 years old only) who invited and host this event is like really VIP and his friend is club owner's son. So he knows everyone from that places and get along well with bouncers and all. His friends who came with him on that night were all under 18 years. But somehow, they all sneaked in too.


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