Monday, June 30, 2008

Ko Boyz told me about this phone after I mentioned I wanted i-mate ultimate 9502. I'm Sony Ericsson Lover. I'm just bored with normal phones which are bar phones, slide phones (vertical slide phones), flip phones. This Sony Ericsson is still slide phone but this is not vertical slide phone, this is horizontal slide phones which is I feel cooler. I'm waiting for this phone to come out. Sorry, iPhone, I won't probably need you. The reason is, I don't like to use SingTel (SingTel is authorized dealer for iPhone in Singapore). If SingTel gonna be per second billing, I would probably re-think. But I still hate their customer service and had bad experience with them for my cases which happened in last year.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My love, Ko Yar Zar is helping Nargis's victims. I'm glad that he is helping people. I got all these photo from my small aunty Nay Nay. She is my aunty but she is younger than me. My grandpa is eldest brother and her dad is youngest brother. This is how we related =) thanks to Nay Nay for all these photo and not forgetting about how much I love Ko Yar Zar.

She said the guy wearing yellow cap in second picture is one of my aunt (my grandpa's sister's daughter) 's hubby (. I'm not that closed to them but I love that I have big family.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I got haircut on last Friday at Kimage. Now it is so free and short.

After that had dinner at The Pizza Place. The food is quite nice. I shared with my friend. So we ordered Lasagne, personal size Pizza, Spaghetti with Seafood. Mostly forgot to take picture when we got food.

A slice is taken

Nearly finish condition

Haven't touched yet because we were having spaghetti while this lasagne was like pipping hot.

Sigh~~ today will be long day. First experience on Monday Blue and school. Just Monday Blue is enough now plus school, that is worse.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Starting from tomorrow, school will start. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7PM to 10PM and Saturday 1PM to 4PM. My life gonna be miserable. I'm not sure I will be strong enough or not? Yesterday I went to orientation. There has expectation for student to do own study or something like that up to 140hrs per one semester (which is about 7 weeks). So yeah, 140 divided by 7 which is about 20 hours a week and 3 hours a day. Bye bye everything, time to do self motivate to make me study (I'm not sure I will do or not though)

I want new phone which is out of shape from bar phone, slide phone, flip phone). So I want a phone like sidekick. I found out this phone i-mate untimate 9502 is available in Singapore. Hooray!!! I think I will get that as my next phone. I want this not because of smart phone function or whatever. Compare to Juicy sidekick, it has better camera which comes with 3.2 Megapixel. It is all in black, so I might need to pimp it myself when I really get that. At Starhub, the phone is still kinda expensive even with plan, it is like S$918. M1 is S$898.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tigers, ain't they pretty?

He was doing tigerwalk

Meet the monkeys

Polar Bear. I wish my stuffed toy is big as this polar bear.

Polar Bear in water, so pretty, right?

Beth & Me at Airport Starbucks. We both love Starbucks. She was leaving to YGN. Btw, I wore my t-shirt in opposite way. I knew it only when I back home. Dummy me!

I just got my timetable for school. Those hell days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. And the first exam will be on 12 Aug. I wish I could survive and balance between my work life and study life. Please, Buddha bless me, Allah bless me, Jesus bless me, God bless me!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I gonna miss them so much. Yesterday, Last For One show was the best show in my life. Every single one in studio enjoyed the show. I was clapping a lot and cheer out which I never done before in any show.

After the show, the guys went out of studio. It is meet and greet session. Photograph and autograph session as well. Darn, I went myself alone and I didn't have anyone who will take picture of me with them (I totally forgot that I could self-cam with Zero Nine). I tried to take picture. And the Style-M posing for me. Haha, he is so sweet.

I bought Last For One Memo book. The book is nice design. I got only two signatures in book. Zero Nine and Stone only.

This guy is hella funny. His picture below reminds me of MC Mong.

Everyone loves Zero Nine and everyone wanted to take pictures with him. I shaked hands with him and I clapped hands with him. I got signature from him as well. He is like so sweet, he is smiling always. He is like most good looking one in group as well. I want to hit myself for not taking picture with him. I feel like crying out loud.

All the Last For One crews have like nice body. They won't need to work out. Dancing makes their bodies so good. They ain't oh-so-tall or oh-so-handsome like actors. They just look normal. But they are awesome and I love them to bite.

Pictures credit to : Last For One


I will update the pictures from Zoo next time. Okay, two of BFFs (Best Friend Forever) went back YGN, the most expecting show just finished and school gonna start. So yeah, fun days are over and hell days gonna start. Bless me!


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