Friday, June 20, 2008

Starting from tomorrow, school will start. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7PM to 10PM and Saturday 1PM to 4PM. My life gonna be miserable. I'm not sure I will be strong enough or not? Yesterday I went to orientation. There has expectation for student to do own study or something like that up to 140hrs per one semester (which is about 7 weeks). So yeah, 140 divided by 7 which is about 20 hours a week and 3 hours a day. Bye bye everything, time to do self motivate to make me study (I'm not sure I will do or not though)

I want new phone which is out of shape from bar phone, slide phone, flip phone). So I want a phone like sidekick. I found out this phone i-mate untimate 9502 is available in Singapore. Hooray!!! I think I will get that as my next phone. I want this not because of smart phone function or whatever. Compare to Juicy sidekick, it has better camera which comes with 3.2 Megapixel. It is all in black, so I might need to pimp it myself when I really get that. At Starhub, the phone is still kinda expensive even with plan, it is like S$918. M1 is S$898.


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