Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm yearning for all those shimmer and glitter things. Last Saturday, I went to Plaza Singapura to meet JQ. We had meal and some shopping there. At Sasa comestic shop, I tried a lot of shimmer and glitter things on my hands. Both of my hands are so shiny and glitter with those powder, lotion and stuffs. JQ said "you are sick". Haha!! I know I'm.

I saw interesting thing at that shop. J Lo Glow Shimmer Perfume Limited Edition.

J Lo perfume smell? They ain't my fave. But shimmer perfume is interesting, aye? I love sweet smell like candy. I will probably buy Escada Moon Sparkle next time. That time when I buy, I might be outdated to get it. But whatever, I just love Escada sweet smell. I just bought Pacific Paradise from Escada not before Moon Sparkle come out. So I won't waste my money to buy Moon Sparkle yet when I have like full bottle of Pacific Paradise and little bit left of Givenchy Very Irresistible.

Although I don't need to use a lot, I still want to own all my fave comestic (especially glitter, shimmer things), lip gloss, perfume. I feel like I want to OWN them (Ma Bon laughed at me for this when I said I want to OWN all comestics and she said she wanted to give me her empty bottle of make up, lol)

Yesterday, I bought silver ballet flat with crystal on shoe (welcome to my family, I'm still eye-ing for three more silver ballet flats from U.R.S). They are lovely, I will post picture next time.

And finally, I already bought Last For One show ticket for 15 Jun 8PM at Esplande. It is ok that I might have to go alone or whatever, I just can't miss this big opportunity to watch the show. They are absolutely awesome.


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