Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally, got back my laptop. HP changed whole LCD of my laptop.


it was so due photos from 25 Apr. My friend Ko MT's birthday. We ate at Food Republic Orchard, then went to Karaoke, although I didn't really like to sing and never go Karaoke before in Singapore, it was enjoyable night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I just sent laptop to HP services because there has some lines on screen's bottom lines. Grr, it will take about 3 to 5 working days. Now I can only use internet at work. So I won't be updated too much often yet. I have some stuffs to upload with photos though. Hopefully I can get back before May day (three days holiday weekend), if not I can die by boredom.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Science Centre Singapore, we had fun at there, needless to say. Met all those relatives at their house and they invited us to their home. We made shan noodle and treated us. I had two plates. It was really good and I love shan noodle.

P.S. I m fatter and fatter. I bought three t-shirts from Hang Ten. I love to wear blue tshirt with green short pant. Summer time, be colorful. Gray tshirt, I love word from there 'Treat me like princess'. Yes, please.

Finished exam yesterday. Lalala, 5 more modules to go. No need to go to school for two weeks. Next module starts on 6 May.

Later I shall update with more pictures and stuffs. My uncle, my cousins and their family went back with yesterday morning flight. I gonna miss them a lot. Whenever the people I love, leave Singapore, I feel so sad and cry secretly in my bed. *Emotionally weak*

Friday, April 17, 2009

I want to eat my birthday cake (I just love to eat birthday cake). I haven't eaten yet.

Nothing much plan for today. I may go and have dinner with my brother at New York New York or Fish & Co.

I am expecting call from Superman and Batman (previously named as Y).
Superman called me last Tuesday and he was showing off that how he enjoyed Thingyan. Batman promised to call and wish me while he was in Singapore last Saturday & Sunday. Let's see will they keep their promise?

I believe I can fly

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wild Wild Wet, Sentosa, Suntec and various places.
Kevin is 10 years old. Suyi is 7 years old. Chit San Thwe is 10 years old. Kevin and Suyi are my cousins. I love my cousins. Chit San Thwe is Kevin and Suyi's cousin from their mom's side. And their dad is my dad's younger brother.

Lucky kids traveling oversea in young age (My first oversea trip was when I was 13 years old and we went to Thailand, India, Nepal). And they got all their latest toys such as Wii, PSP, XBox, PS2, PS3, etc etc as well. Now they are in Penang and will travel to difference places in Malaysia. They will be back to Singapore on Saturday.

Wee, no need to go to school about 2 weeks is totally bless. Next week, exam. Geez.

P.S Click caption button to read caption as well (caption button is left below corner)

To Vico : Now here comes the prove that I am good tour guide. =p My brother is my assistant tour guide while I had to work at office.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a quick update.

- Now I got sunburn. I turn dark. All because of playing too much at Wild Wild Wet since opening time till closing time (around 11AM to 7PM).
- I was being great tour guide and great babysitter of my cousins (self-claim, lol. Or should I say I am great play mate of my cousins?). Babysitting, they ain't baby, but they r more like kids age from 7yrs to 10yrs. I play with them a lot.
- After that we went back to hotel where they are staying.
- Y arrived Singapore for Concert on Sunday. He called me (thanks for that though).
- I went to Jumbo seafood restaurant to meet him because I might not be able to meet him on Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to watch movie "Fast and Furious 4". But he didn't want to watch. So end up, walking back near to the apartment he staying.
- Am I super human? After death tired day, tomorrow I still have to go to Sentosa with them (Vico, you are welcome to visit Singapore).
- I like the feeling that when other appreciate for what I have done to them.

Sunburn enough? By the way, it is my shoulder. Carrying my shoulder bag, it became worse because my bag was like rubbing my shoulder. (I just saw my face in mirror when I washed face, my face is sunburn as well. Oh la la, I am BBQ~~)

Happy Birthday, Superman. Although I couldn't call you to say happy birthday as first person, I could be last person to wish (I tried to call when clock striked 12, but the line was busy, I guess he was talking on phone with his girlfriend).

Vico : I mentioned keyword, so you can google it and you can find out who is that :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

My brother took photo for me and he said it was like taking picgture for criminal. Do I?
Some of bloggers are way too photoshop. Lol, after watching some of videos, they ain't pretty like their pictures from their blogs. It makes me laugh. (P.S I am not talking about Singapore famous blogger. She is still aite to me after seeing her photo and video. I am talking about someone else, kekeke). Haha. I ain't going to photoshop my pictures. I just want to have fun with this puricute. They look like stickers picture decoration which I love to take at sticker photo booth.

Vico ; Now you can see my hair :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I received my moola from Nuffnang. Thanks :)
And a pile of bills from other stuffs as well, I wish all those letters are cheque like from Nuffnang ~_^

My uncle and his family are in Singapore now and they are staying at Riverwalk apartment.Whee, gonna be busy week. Going to meet them everyday after work.

P.S. Moola or Moolah is a slang term of money. Source : wiki

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I went to Labrador Park with my friends for gathering.

Then I got these jumping photo. After watching too much of "America's next top model" photo shoot and wedding photo shoot from "We Got Married", I want to take photo while I am jumping in the air.

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

I was shy to do alone at first. After jumping several times to get 'in the air' photo, I was really into it. I should take myself in one photo. After jumping several times, I became expert. See the photo, my pose was same in almost all the pictures. lol.

Oh, I love Labrador Park rather than all the other beaches in Singapore. Because it is quiet, not crowded and we have like whole-of-our-own. Only thing is hard to go there, unless we take taxi and going back as well have to take on call taxi.

Well, I got haircut on Friday. Woohoo, I am loving my hair. I dyed my hair as well.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

LG is coming out all these yummy phone models such as Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cookies, now Lollipop. Out of all, I like Ice Cream and Lollipop best. They look delicious cute. I am so gonna get it when it is available in Singapore. Now currently, available in Korea only.

I love lighting, cute image of this, funny face photo features, color and everything.

Can your phone be yummier than this? Don't be surprise, when you see I am licking and biting my Ice Cream phone or Lollipop phone. =p

Watch Big Bang trying out LG Lollipop. When I listen to LG Lollipop CF's song, I was like 'WTH?'. Now I am hooked to this. Lolli lolli lollipop (it sound similar to lolli lolli (pop that body) - three 6  mafia) (btw, I want big candy lollipop as well)


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