Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

My brother took photo for me and he said it was like taking picgture for criminal. Do I?
Some of bloggers are way too photoshop. Lol, after watching some of videos, they ain't pretty like their pictures from their blogs. It makes me laugh. (P.S I am not talking about Singapore famous blogger. She is still aite to me after seeing her photo and video. I am talking about someone else, kekeke). Haha. I ain't going to photoshop my pictures. I just want to have fun with this puricute. They look like stickers picture decoration which I love to take at sticker photo booth.

Vico ; Now you can see my hair :)


  1. madyjune said...'s nice to have short hairs.i also want one since the summer heat is killing me here...i miss my eunchan hairstyle (it didn't really look like her's hairstyle)
    Vico said...
    yeah, now I can see the haircut. :P Looks nice and simple, good for the summer time, I guess. :)
    LOL, well for it to be a true mug shot, you needed to be facing the camera directly. But I wonder what you have done to your brother to make him think of a criminal. XD

    Those Purikura photos never loaded I just get a yellow box. So who's the famous Singapore blogger? If she's pretty, I'm interested. :P

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