Friday, April 17, 2009

I want to eat my birthday cake (I just love to eat birthday cake). I haven't eaten yet.

Nothing much plan for today. I may go and have dinner with my brother at New York New York or Fish & Co.

I am expecting call from Superman and Batman (previously named as Y).
Superman called me last Tuesday and he was showing off that how he enjoyed Thingyan. Batman promised to call and wish me while he was in Singapore last Saturday & Sunday. Let's see will they keep their promise?

I believe I can fly


  1. TKLinn said...
    Happy birthday.. Happiness Always :)
    wish your super man and bat man come and wish your special day :D
    Ko Boyz said...
    Same wishes plus one as above and below comments.. lolz
    SZA said...
    lazy boyz =p
    Vico said...
    Happy B-day. May all your wishes come true. :)
    You really like those jump shots, huh.

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