Saturday, April 4, 2009

I went to Labrador Park with my friends for gathering.

Then I got these jumping photo. After watching too much of "America's next top model" photo shoot and wedding photo shoot from "We Got Married", I want to take photo while I am jumping in the air.

Cute Purikura Online kawaii

I was shy to do alone at first. After jumping several times to get 'in the air' photo, I was really into it. I should take myself in one photo. After jumping several times, I became expert. See the photo, my pose was same in almost all the pictures. lol.

Oh, I love Labrador Park rather than all the other beaches in Singapore. Because it is quiet, not crowded and we have like whole-of-our-own. Only thing is hard to go there, unless we take taxi and going back as well have to take on call taxi.

Well, I got haircut on Friday. Woohoo, I am loving my hair. I dyed my hair as well.


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