Thursday, April 2, 2009

LG is coming out all these yummy phone models such as Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cookies, now Lollipop. Out of all, I like Ice Cream and Lollipop best. They look delicious cute. I am so gonna get it when it is available in Singapore. Now currently, available in Korea only.

I love lighting, cute image of this, funny face photo features, color and everything.

Can your phone be yummier than this? Don't be surprise, when you see I am licking and biting my Ice Cream phone or Lollipop phone. =p

Watch Big Bang trying out LG Lollipop. When I listen to LG Lollipop CF's song, I was like 'WTH?'. Now I am hooked to this. Lolli lolli lollipop (it sound similar to lolli lolli (pop that body) - three 6  mafia) (btw, I want big candy lollipop as well)


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