Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a quick update.

- Now I got sunburn. I turn dark. All because of playing too much at Wild Wild Wet since opening time till closing time (around 11AM to 7PM).
- I was being great tour guide and great babysitter of my cousins (self-claim, lol. Or should I say I am great play mate of my cousins?). Babysitting, they ain't baby, but they r more like kids age from 7yrs to 10yrs. I play with them a lot.
- After that we went back to hotel where they are staying.
- Y arrived Singapore for Concert on Sunday. He called me (thanks for that though).
- I went to Jumbo seafood restaurant to meet him because I might not be able to meet him on Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to watch movie "Fast and Furious 4". But he didn't want to watch. So end up, walking back near to the apartment he staying.
- Am I super human? After death tired day, tomorrow I still have to go to Sentosa with them (Vico, you are welcome to visit Singapore).
- I like the feeling that when other appreciate for what I have done to them.

Sunburn enough? By the way, it is my shoulder. Carrying my shoulder bag, it became worse because my bag was like rubbing my shoulder. (I just saw my face in mirror when I washed face, my face is sunburn as well. Oh la la, I am BBQ~~)

Happy Birthday, Superman. Although I couldn't call you to say happy birthday as first person, I could be last person to wish (I tried to call when clock striked 12, but the line was busy, I guess he was talking on phone with his girlfriend).

Vico : I mentioned keyword, so you can google it and you can find out who is that :)

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  1. Vico said...
    wow, that sunburn looks painful. Remember to put lotion on that. Sounds like you're being a great tour guide. :) But you must have been very tired at the end of the day. I love water parks, the only thing I don't like is that the water has way too much chlorine, so at the end of the day my eyes and skin burn. LOL, so if you're BBQ, you must have looked tasty then. XD
    huh? keywords? I must have missed them. I'll have to re-read the post. ;) Besides there's probably a lot of girls from Singapore, who blog.

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