Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Aw, I was super busy and I couldn't update my blog quite long time already. Monday, I wasn't at office. I had to go airline house at Changi for hand punch program at there. I'm always rolling east to the west because Tuesday, I had to go to Jurong East in evening. Since I start working in this company, I always have to ride not-my-own-vehicle a lot.

Back to last week, I got the redeem voucher for moon cake from Ma Bon (thanks a bunch!). Those moon cakes are from Intercontinental Hotel. Actually, they should be snow skin moon cake with single yolk. I think I was lucky or I don't know, I got the normal moon cake with double egg yolk, ~woot~ heavenly. What I like in moon cake is only egg yolk, the lotus seed paste is oh-so-sweet. I can't even eat more than half of moon cake.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

1. Ghosts always MUST BE young female (age around 16-30).
2. Female ghosts MUST HAVE black long hair.
3. Female ghosts wear white clothes.
4. Ghosts haunt people for revenge.
5. Ghost want people die.
6. They commit suicide or they are drowned or they are murdered by someone.
7. Lift is haunted place.
8. Bathroom is haunted place.
9. Ghosts always appear in mirror.
10. Ghosts always haunt in bedroom/under bed/closet.
11. When people move to new place/new house, that place always happens to be haunted place.
12. When ghost haunts, the place is always dark and no light.
13. Ghosts are very powerful, they can do like whatever they want.
14. Someone pick something from somewhere and ghosts come after them. Then, all the people die one after one.
15. Someone always try to solve the ghost's problem in past life and to clear her grudge.

Maybe or Maybe not (...continue...), you are warmly welcome to tell me some lines as well in fact if I forget some.

I know I watch too much Asian horror movies, I'm not that much expert yet, but still I can feel that when ghost going to appear soon, so that I can hold my breath and scream. But if I watch with ma SNP, I always have to scream not because of scary face or scene, it is all because her scream makes me scare.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I found out this beautiful boy in Hana Kimi Jdrama. Major Drooling!!!
He is like the most good looking guys among others and he is pretty tall as well (188cm.). His name is Shirota Yuu. I felt that he is mixed blood, I googled and found out more about him. No wonder, his dad is Japanese and his mom is Spanish (sexy mixed, right?). He has fair skin, good height, perfect feature and unique face.

The character from Hana Kimi

He looks like he become alive from Final Fantasy or some animation character, right?

Shirota's sister

When he was young, cute, haha.

The mixed blood kids really looking good. Wanna know more?

Dennis Oh (Korean+Irish)

Ursula Mayes (Korean+German American)

Daniel Henney (Korean+British)

I just posted some famous one the mixed of Korean only, there still have like tons of mixed people and who are famous as well. You can see more here Asians of Mixed Race.

P.S. Heiman going to tell me that "you have like nothing better to post about it?", she is one of my blog regular reader and one of my best friend. Heiman, I have no one to like and love expect them, you know, right? :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh, don't dream on, this is fake and photoshopped.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Precious weekend always finished like so fast. Going to work, the time doesn't take much, I feel like I reach there quickly, but going back home, take a looooooooonggg time. (actually, it is difference as well, going to work takes about 1 hour and going back home takes about 1 and 15 minutes)

Some of my friends from YGN, keep on telling me that they saw me on journals with some singers, I knew those pictures are from Singapore Show. But I didn't expect to be on there.

When Jane told me about she saw me on journal, I told her, maybe, it is the small picture, right? (Because, I thought it is the one from popular journal, I posted about it in previous entry, right?).

jane: ahh,,

i saw ur picture on a journal
me: small one rite
jane: amm,,,i can see ur face clearly though
1:14 AM me: hehe..mayb.cuz u know me..i saw that one popular journal
but from is pretty small
another one said, she saw on weekly eleven or something
1:16 AM jane: haha
still,,ur pic is on a journal
i don't have
1:17 AM me: r more famous.i saw on web or something also :D

Another one is the one from one of Myanmar community forum, we didn't really know each other well, but she might know me how I look like if she comes and see me at my blog, right? Then she PMed and asked me that I think I saw you on weekly eleven journal with Zeya Thaw and other singers. I was like "ah, really? I didn't know". And she said she'd send me the scanned picture.

Actually, those pictures, I'm just being a small fly only, but whatever, right? I don't even have those group pictures, because I don't really ask them like "hey, let's take a picture with me or anything", so all of those pictures are in their cameras only.

At MOS, actually, this picture should be girl version. But Ko Zeya Thaw is being funny. He came and tried to disturb us or want to be like one guy and a lot of girls picture? He looks so happy in the picture. He is such a nice guy, he is cute, right? Haha. Others don't call him Ko Zeya Thaw, they call his name like Kar Zaw Yar Thay or something like that. Just say Ko Zeya Thaw & Kar Zaw Yar Thay, you will know the difference, right?

Here comes girl version

Only Guy! Wait, but where is Ko Zeya Thaw?

The groupy group at Clarke Quay

Don't tell me my shirt looks like formal or anything. The Friday evening and night, I straight away went to see them at airport and hanged out with them after that without changing my cloth.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Watching horror movie is a way of riding roller coaster. I just feel this way. We scream when we watch horror movie or roller coaster, right? So it is kinda same (at least, girls scream, right?) And I feel like I want to take roller coaster or watch horror movie. But at the same time, when roller coaster starts moving or horror movie showing freaky thing, I want to jump down or walk out from movie theatre.

Today, I was outstation from my office and went to Airline House at Changi. Why I went there? To bomb some flights? lol, just kidding. To set up software for handpunch machine at hanger 2. Ah, suddenly I did some stupid thing, I dropped from domain and wanted to make the computer as standalone station. I didn't know administrator password. Stupid me, after installing software, I couldn't log in any more (the computer was set up by previous previous IT guy, so I don't have fault that I don't know password, right?). But when I cannot log in anymore, my head suddenly bigger, feel heavier and got a shot in my head *BANG* and I supposed to *DIE*. I tried to make some calls to settle it. Finally, I couldn't do anything, hehe. I think at least I have to reinstall the OS on Monday or something. I didn't even have my lunch when I was doing at there.

So I tried to finish around 4 pm and came out from Airline House, those supervisors from that office asked me to eat at stuff canteen. I'm wicked, right? I'm thinking to get off from office like early and I didn't want to go back to Head Quarter Office, hehe. It will be such a waste trip as well, why use my precious energy and time. I told them I will eat at Tampines. Then I called some of my friends and told them that I'm getting off from office already, some more, it is Friday and I'm just having a little fun early. Ma SNP was at Bugis, and we decided to watch movie. She is my crime-in-partner-for-horror-movies. I checked the movies time at Tampines. There had show at 17:15. I bought tickets first and asking her to come to Tampines. Then, I had my so called break-lunch-dinner. I had curry chicken don at Japanese shop, this is yummylicious, I had quick meal and my fave dessert Red bean sweet corn (I freaking love red bean and sweet corn.)

The movie is "Apartment 1303" Japanese Horror movie. Not too bad and pretty freaky scary at some scenes. I watched the movie as my horror-movie-watching-position. Wanna learn? Close two ears and close one eye and another eye opens like half way, this will lessen your fear. I know when the freaky things will come out, I'm like so master in this already, haha. We screamed sometimes, actually, I screamed because Ma SNP suddenly screamed and I got freak out as well.

After movie, she went to Marinia Bay for her friend's birthday,and I went back home. I don't want to post the movie poster since it is quite scary and I don't want to freak out myself when I come to check my blog for a day.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Reservations



There has a lot of movies about Food & Berverage related these days. All the movies are like light-hearted comedy movie as well. Out of those, I think Ratatouille is most famous and fun one.

Let me count
Ratatouille : chef-wanna-be-rat
Waitress : title said all, right?,
No Reservations : another chef movie

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When I have like a lot of money to spend on whatever I want to buy, eat, shop, and spend.

When I can sleep like as much as I want. (But I don't mind when I have my friends visiting to Singapore, I spend most of time with them and I have like less time to sleep.)

I like Thai food (especially, tom yam soup), Italian food (spaghetti, lasagna, pizza), Tiramisu,

Family and Relatives
It is good to have them and I'm happy whenever I meet them.

The friends who treat me like their necessary/essential/important person. (I feel very pissed if like they ignore me and having chit-chat with someone else when I go out with them or something, I don't mind if they don't ask me to go out with them.)

Hip Hop
Not only as music, but also as other elements such as break dancing, beat boxing, DJing, freestyling. It is good to feel to have friends who like hip hop and who really know what is hip hop and those people I can respect. (a big NO NO to WANNA-BE who just wear some biggy clothing and talking like they know everything about Hip Hop, I disgust them.)


I'm happy to go new places, visit there and getting new experience.

Swimming and golf make me happy when I do those or when I watch other people swimming or playing golf on TV (I mean real tournament or something like that, not scene from movies)

Stickers - You can see as one of my previous entry about stickers, you would probably know that I like them so much and I have collections of it.
Diamonds are forever.
Crowns - I love the symbol/sign of crown. I feel like princess. Everyone can be princess of their owns. Don't blame me for this. And this is just my another crown-mania (princess disease)
Short Jean Skirts - They are just tempting me.
FERRARI - Infinity.
Lip Gloss - Loving it, Getting new lip gloss make me happy.
Perfume - One thing I adore.
Concerts - Especially, the one which my friends participate as well and one thing it must be hip hop. (a big NO NO to rock/alter/metal concert.)

Now, you know how to make me happy, right? lol.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The way to go there

CD Shelf

CD Shelf


The Fine Living Room, can you see there has two piano s in living room?

The sofas look comfy. I like the sofa with wooden.

Hi s Vaio lappy. He still wants new one even though his current is fine.

A lot of bottles

The pool

The view from balcony

I took some of those photos when I went to the place Sai Sai stayed in Singapore. The place is one of his colleague's place. Nice, right?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Yesterday, after my work, I went to Orchard to settle bill things at SingTel. I bought something at TopMan at Wisma Astria for someone (actually, he called and asked me to get this for him. I might tell more in next post or something.) Beth also came with me. We had a fit at there. I was too tired talking to them. After settled everything, Beth called Nang and asked her where she was. She was at Marriott Hotel (aw, she stays at there). Then I had dinner Cineleisure first and after that we went to Marriott. She stays at 23 level. She was waiting us at her door. We didn't meet for a long time, it had been like a year? And we chit-chat for a while. Her friends scared her about ghost and she was scared to stay alone in her hotel room. She was asking me to sleep over at her room. I freaked out to stay because I don't want to go to office with same cloth plus I had to attend presentation at air port in the evening. I don't want others to think some weird stuffs about me.

We went to Starbuck at Wheelocks. We had business talk as well. Although some of my friends are pretty young (under 20 years), they start working in their parents' companies already.

Aw, today, there has 7th month prayers thing and there has food spread, I ate a lot and quite food. I'm darn sleepy, counting time to go back home. Tada!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Me. Don't mind me for this piggy-look photo? (some people said so). I don't have other photo in this office's laptop. I just saved it from my friendster.

Myself in simpsonize, lol, even the cloth color is matched.
This is fun, right? You can simpsonize yourself @ Simpsonize Me website.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This morning, the lady from front desk came and gave me something. I thought it is related with the thing I should do.

When I found out, I was surprised. lol. It is my name card. I don't know if others think this is not a big deal. But honestly, I'm happy. Even though I work about 2 years already at various places, I never get my own name card before. Most of the times, I was just small fly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MTV party @ MOS
(left to right) Sai Sai, John, Ko Lin Kyaw, Ko Sam
They were taking pictures at MTV BlingMaker. Nice photo, right?
I have sense that this photo might feature on journal or magazine in YGN.
Actually, Ko Lin Kyaw works in MTV and he invited them to the party. I didn't join them to go clubbing or something even after the party.

While they were enjoying at party, I was enjoying my dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant with Susie. The food were spicilicious, delicious, yummylicious (sorry, I just want to say continuously something-licious).
And sorry again, I was so ga-ga over food, I forgot to take pictures before I ate anything. Before food came, I was thinking to take picture. But when the food were served, I totally forgot and all I know is TO EAT THEM only.
The dishes are Tom Yam Seafood Soup (with the pot at right side), Sambal Fried Kang Kong (the plate in front of me), Sauteed Prawns with Chestnut (beside the pot). And Susie had coconut as well. I just drank ice water only.

@ Airport

Sending him back on Sunday. He asked me to come to the place he stayed. The reason is because of his hangover at MTV party and clubbing, he wanted me to help him pack (he told me in SMS), Evil, right? But when I reached there on that day, most of the things are packed, I didn't need to help it. We had lunch at airport Food Terrace. He asked me "did we take picture?". I said "not yet, except the one in MOS". Then he said "let's take picture then". It was in front of check in counter row for TG (Thai Airway). He is going to visit London in December. I asked him to come to Singapore again as transit. He said he may. But he still needs to come to Singapore in Feb for medical check up. He said Feb 25. And I'm planning to visit YGN in next year April. I feel that our friendship become closer. How many years do we know? Like more than 5 years? He wasn't quite popular as like now. When I get to know Ye Lay as well, he wasn't that much famous and popular yet. Ahh, maybe, I'm like their lucky gem. Once they get to know me, they become more popular and famous. Then try to get to know me if you want to be popular celebrities, lol. Just kidding.

P.S. Unexpectedly, someone called me yesterday. He is in this policy government movie or something. He said he is in Kawt Thaung and he is going back to YGN on 5th Sept. I ain't writing our phone convo for full. But since I ain't good talker on phone, it is just short convo like 1 and half minutes only. Guess who, lol?

Hint : When someone said he remembers you (I better not to use MISS), would that make you feel good if you also want to hear from that person or you don't mind hearing from this person?


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