Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MTV party @ MOS
(left to right) Sai Sai, John, Ko Lin Kyaw, Ko Sam
They were taking pictures at MTV BlingMaker. Nice photo, right?
I have sense that this photo might feature on journal or magazine in YGN.
Actually, Ko Lin Kyaw works in MTV and he invited them to the party. I didn't join them to go clubbing or something even after the party.

While they were enjoying at party, I was enjoying my dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant with Susie. The food were spicilicious, delicious, yummylicious (sorry, I just want to say continuously something-licious).
And sorry again, I was so ga-ga over food, I forgot to take pictures before I ate anything. Before food came, I was thinking to take picture. But when the food were served, I totally forgot and all I know is TO EAT THEM only.
The dishes are Tom Yam Seafood Soup (with the pot at right side), Sambal Fried Kang Kong (the plate in front of me), Sauteed Prawns with Chestnut (beside the pot). And Susie had coconut as well. I just drank ice water only.

@ Airport

Sending him back on Sunday. He asked me to come to the place he stayed. The reason is because of his hangover at MTV party and clubbing, he wanted me to help him pack (he told me in SMS), Evil, right? But when I reached there on that day, most of the things are packed, I didn't need to help it. We had lunch at airport Food Terrace. He asked me "did we take picture?". I said "not yet, except the one in MOS". Then he said "let's take picture then". It was in front of check in counter row for TG (Thai Airway). He is going to visit London in December. I asked him to come to Singapore again as transit. He said he may. But he still needs to come to Singapore in Feb for medical check up. He said Feb 25. And I'm planning to visit YGN in next year April. I feel that our friendship become closer. How many years do we know? Like more than 5 years? He wasn't quite popular as like now. When I get to know Ye Lay as well, he wasn't that much famous and popular yet. Ahh, maybe, I'm like their lucky gem. Once they get to know me, they become more popular and famous. Then try to get to know me if you want to be popular celebrities, lol. Just kidding.

P.S. Unexpectedly, someone called me yesterday. He is in this policy government movie or something. He said he is in Kawt Thaung and he is going back to YGN on 5th Sept. I ain't writing our phone convo for full. But since I ain't good talker on phone, it is just short convo like 1 and half minutes only. Guess who, lol?

Hint : When someone said he remembers you (I better not to use MISS), would that make you feel good if you also want to hear from that person or you don't mind hearing from this person?


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