Monday, September 17, 2007

Precious weekend always finished like so fast. Going to work, the time doesn't take much, I feel like I reach there quickly, but going back home, take a looooooooonggg time. (actually, it is difference as well, going to work takes about 1 hour and going back home takes about 1 and 15 minutes)

Some of my friends from YGN, keep on telling me that they saw me on journals with some singers, I knew those pictures are from Singapore Show. But I didn't expect to be on there.

When Jane told me about she saw me on journal, I told her, maybe, it is the small picture, right? (Because, I thought it is the one from popular journal, I posted about it in previous entry, right?).

jane: ahh,,

i saw ur picture on a journal
me: small one rite
jane: amm,,,i can see ur face clearly though
1:14 AM me: hehe..mayb.cuz u know me..i saw that one popular journal
but from is pretty small
another one said, she saw on weekly eleven or something
1:16 AM jane: haha
still,,ur pic is on a journal
i don't have
1:17 AM me: r more famous.i saw on web or something also :D

Another one is the one from one of Myanmar community forum, we didn't really know each other well, but she might know me how I look like if she comes and see me at my blog, right? Then she PMed and asked me that I think I saw you on weekly eleven journal with Zeya Thaw and other singers. I was like "ah, really? I didn't know". And she said she'd send me the scanned picture.

Actually, those pictures, I'm just being a small fly only, but whatever, right? I don't even have those group pictures, because I don't really ask them like "hey, let's take a picture with me or anything", so all of those pictures are in their cameras only.

At MOS, actually, this picture should be girl version. But Ko Zeya Thaw is being funny. He came and tried to disturb us or want to be like one guy and a lot of girls picture? He looks so happy in the picture. He is such a nice guy, he is cute, right? Haha. Others don't call him Ko Zeya Thaw, they call his name like Kar Zaw Yar Thay or something like that. Just say Ko Zeya Thaw & Kar Zaw Yar Thay, you will know the difference, right?

Here comes girl version

Only Guy! Wait, but where is Ko Zeya Thaw?

The groupy group at Clarke Quay

Don't tell me my shirt looks like formal or anything. The Friday evening and night, I straight away went to see them at airport and hanged out with them after that without changing my cloth.


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