Friday, September 14, 2007

Watching horror movie is a way of riding roller coaster. I just feel this way. We scream when we watch horror movie or roller coaster, right? So it is kinda same (at least, girls scream, right?) And I feel like I want to take roller coaster or watch horror movie. But at the same time, when roller coaster starts moving or horror movie showing freaky thing, I want to jump down or walk out from movie theatre.

Today, I was outstation from my office and went to Airline House at Changi. Why I went there? To bomb some flights? lol, just kidding. To set up software for handpunch machine at hanger 2. Ah, suddenly I did some stupid thing, I dropped from domain and wanted to make the computer as standalone station. I didn't know administrator password. Stupid me, after installing software, I couldn't log in any more (the computer was set up by previous previous IT guy, so I don't have fault that I don't know password, right?). But when I cannot log in anymore, my head suddenly bigger, feel heavier and got a shot in my head *BANG* and I supposed to *DIE*. I tried to make some calls to settle it. Finally, I couldn't do anything, hehe. I think at least I have to reinstall the OS on Monday or something. I didn't even have my lunch when I was doing at there.

So I tried to finish around 4 pm and came out from Airline House, those supervisors from that office asked me to eat at stuff canteen. I'm wicked, right? I'm thinking to get off from office like early and I didn't want to go back to Head Quarter Office, hehe. It will be such a waste trip as well, why use my precious energy and time. I told them I will eat at Tampines. Then I called some of my friends and told them that I'm getting off from office already, some more, it is Friday and I'm just having a little fun early. Ma SNP was at Bugis, and we decided to watch movie. She is my crime-in-partner-for-horror-movies. I checked the movies time at Tampines. There had show at 17:15. I bought tickets first and asking her to come to Tampines. Then, I had my so called break-lunch-dinner. I had curry chicken don at Japanese shop, this is yummylicious, I had quick meal and my fave dessert Red bean sweet corn (I freaking love red bean and sweet corn.)

The movie is "Apartment 1303" Japanese Horror movie. Not too bad and pretty freaky scary at some scenes. I watched the movie as my horror-movie-watching-position. Wanna learn? Close two ears and close one eye and another eye opens like half way, this will lessen your fear. I know when the freaky things will come out, I'm like so master in this already, haha. We screamed sometimes, actually, I screamed because Ma SNP suddenly screamed and I got freak out as well.

After movie, she went to Marinia Bay for her friend's birthday,and I went back home. I don't want to post the movie poster since it is quite scary and I don't want to freak out myself when I come to check my blog for a day.


  1. Nwai Hninn said...
    I like your post. :) good writing!
    Anonymous said...

    xtzw e = aj 18

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