Thursday, September 20, 2007

1. Ghosts always MUST BE young female (age around 16-30).
2. Female ghosts MUST HAVE black long hair.
3. Female ghosts wear white clothes.
4. Ghosts haunt people for revenge.
5. Ghost want people die.
6. They commit suicide or they are drowned or they are murdered by someone.
7. Lift is haunted place.
8. Bathroom is haunted place.
9. Ghosts always appear in mirror.
10. Ghosts always haunt in bedroom/under bed/closet.
11. When people move to new place/new house, that place always happens to be haunted place.
12. When ghost haunts, the place is always dark and no light.
13. Ghosts are very powerful, they can do like whatever they want.
14. Someone pick something from somewhere and ghosts come after them. Then, all the people die one after one.
15. Someone always try to solve the ghost's problem in past life and to clear her grudge.

Maybe or Maybe not (...continue...), you are warmly welcome to tell me some lines as well in fact if I forget some.

I know I watch too much Asian horror movies, I'm not that much expert yet, but still I can feel that when ghost going to appear soon, so that I can hold my breath and scream. But if I watch with ma SNP, I always have to scream not because of scary face or scene, it is all because her scream makes me scare.


  1. *dAwN said...
    How about that all haunted houses have bad staircases, or loose floorboards ? :P
    anima said...
    interesting list, because they are all true! well compiled :)
    Aldi said...
    One thing I love from Asian Horror, is they deals with "real life" facts. Ghosts can exist (or maybe not) but this discussion forms part of our lives. We all know Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees are just fantasy, but ghosts are real and theyre so creeping.. :)

    I liked yr points of view.

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