Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I found out this beautiful boy in Hana Kimi Jdrama. Major Drooling!!!
He is like the most good looking guys among others and he is pretty tall as well (188cm.). His name is Shirota Yuu. I felt that he is mixed blood, I googled and found out more about him. No wonder, his dad is Japanese and his mom is Spanish (sexy mixed, right?). He has fair skin, good height, perfect feature and unique face.

The character from Hana Kimi

He looks like he become alive from Final Fantasy or some animation character, right?

Shirota's sister

When he was young, cute, haha.

The mixed blood kids really looking good. Wanna know more?

Dennis Oh (Korean+Irish)

Ursula Mayes (Korean+German American)

Daniel Henney (Korean+British)

I just posted some famous one the mixed of Korean only, there still have like tons of mixed people and who are famous as well. You can see more here Asians of Mixed Race.

P.S. Heiman going to tell me that "you have like nothing better to post about it?", she is one of my blog regular reader and one of my best friend. Heiman, I have no one to like and love expect them, you know, right? :D


  1. ephi said...
    If you have a livejournal account, join the community for updates about Shirota-san ;-)
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