Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When I have like a lot of money to spend on whatever I want to buy, eat, shop, and spend.

When I can sleep like as much as I want. (But I don't mind when I have my friends visiting to Singapore, I spend most of time with them and I have like less time to sleep.)

I like Thai food (especially, tom yam soup), Italian food (spaghetti, lasagna, pizza), Tiramisu,

Family and Relatives
It is good to have them and I'm happy whenever I meet them.

The friends who treat me like their necessary/essential/important person. (I feel very pissed if like they ignore me and having chit-chat with someone else when I go out with them or something, I don't mind if they don't ask me to go out with them.)

Hip Hop
Not only as music, but also as other elements such as break dancing, beat boxing, DJing, freestyling. It is good to feel to have friends who like hip hop and who really know what is hip hop and those people I can respect. (a big NO NO to WANNA-BE who just wear some biggy clothing and talking like they know everything about Hip Hop, I disgust them.)


I'm happy to go new places, visit there and getting new experience.

Swimming and golf make me happy when I do those or when I watch other people swimming or playing golf on TV (I mean real tournament or something like that, not scene from movies)

Stickers - You can see as one of my previous entry about stickers, you would probably know that I like them so much and I have collections of it.
Diamonds are forever.
Crowns - I love the symbol/sign of crown. I feel like princess. Everyone can be princess of their owns. Don't blame me for this. And this is just my another crown-mania (princess disease)
Short Jean Skirts - They are just tempting me.
FERRARI - Infinity.
Lip Gloss - Loving it, Getting new lip gloss make me happy.
Perfume - One thing I adore.
Concerts - Especially, the one which my friends participate as well and one thing it must be hip hop. (a big NO NO to rock/alter/metal concert.)

Now, you know how to make me happy, right? lol.


  1. madyjune said...
    When you wrote that you don't want your friends who are going out with you to be chit-chatting with other friends, I am deeply reminded of a friend of mine who I stopped seeing often as she always bring along her friends when we meet at canteen. It annoy me so much.
    Nwai Hninn said...
    Oh.. I know the things make you happy , now. Thanks.If you visit to Mandalay . I'll let you sleep all day in hotel. :P (it's the cheapest thing make you happy.right ?) ;) just kidding!

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