Friday, September 7, 2007

Yesterday, after my work, I went to Orchard to settle bill things at SingTel. I bought something at TopMan at Wisma Astria for someone (actually, he called and asked me to get this for him. I might tell more in next post or something.) Beth also came with me. We had a fit at there. I was too tired talking to them. After settled everything, Beth called Nang and asked her where she was. She was at Marriott Hotel (aw, she stays at there). Then I had dinner Cineleisure first and after that we went to Marriott. She stays at 23 level. She was waiting us at her door. We didn't meet for a long time, it had been like a year? And we chit-chat for a while. Her friends scared her about ghost and she was scared to stay alone in her hotel room. She was asking me to sleep over at her room. I freaked out to stay because I don't want to go to office with same cloth plus I had to attend presentation at air port in the evening. I don't want others to think some weird stuffs about me.

We went to Starbuck at Wheelocks. We had business talk as well. Although some of my friends are pretty young (under 20 years), they start working in their parents' companies already.

Aw, today, there has 7th month prayers thing and there has food spread, I ate a lot and quite food. I'm darn sleepy, counting time to go back home. Tada!


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