Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caution : Vico, you gotta love this post, I make effort for you especially. Haha.

I have to go one of my friend's wedding at Hyatt Hotel in next month. So excuse excuse to buy new dress. My darling Wynnle told me that I should check out at Forever 21. I didn't really have reason to buy new clothes and didn't really know about Forever 21. So beat me, I have never been there. Once I came back home from office. I checked out Forever 21 website and saw their clothings are pretty nice and price is reasonable as well. So I can't wait to check out at Forever 21 stores.
I saw about 5 dresses I like. The rest of the 4 dresses are tight, or zip spoiled, blah blah. So finally, I only got this. Thanks to Kathy that she found out for me. I didn't really like to wear sleeveless, because I think my upper arm is pretty big. But all the nice designs are sleeveless. I decided to buy it and to wear with jacket. I found another pretty nice dress at New Look as well and it is sleeveless too. I should get nice jacket before I buy all the nice sleeveless dress.

(from left to right) The dress itself, without jacket and I look like a pig, Normal mode, With the new shade I bought (I look like blind girl?)

I want to get this design of shade. I love sunglass, even though I cannot really wear them because I wear spectacles.

Just went to supermarket with my brother. He wanted to buy milk and a few stuffs (he always drinks milk and I don't). He brought me so that I could settle all his bills. Great!
And guess what I found, surprise surprise. And I snapped a picture. Vico, what are you doing there? Are you the owner of this malt milk? I found on the shelf near to the shelf my brother was buying milk

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yesterday going out with my best friends to Siloso beach.

Playing with Kwi Kwi. He is so cute. These days, he attaches with me like a lot. Bet he loves me a lot =D I am child in my heart, so I get along well with them. HM always asking me to open nursey, lol. I gonna meet her son in next month. A lot of my best friends, they are having kids now. I am god mother of all these babies. Awesome?

To Vico : Haha, yah, gifts to my brother. I am good sister, isn't it?

Friday, October 8, 2010

I had some shopping with my brother. I bought bag from Charles & Keith, my previous bags  are like string broken or things are wrong. And I bought new heel again. It is from U.R.S. They are having discount, so yeah, I wanted to have one.


I bought mp3 player for my dad. He wanted to have one. Picture from center and right side, new face model of Ralph Lauren but with no face on, lol. Well, the story is my brother wanted to have perfume. So we had shopping at Robinson. They have promotion with purchase above S$130. I bought Ralph Lauren Double Black for my brother and it costs S$133. So we got this free bag, we bought at department store because of this promotion bag only. If not, we should buy at perfume shop which will be much cheaper than this price in department store.

My brother used Ralph Lauren Black which was present from me as well. So now Black Vs Double Black, when triple black will come out?

Bought new LCD monitor for my brother as well, he has been complaining about his current LCD which has red line on screen.

Monday, October 4, 2010

These pictures are like 11 years ago? When I was in high school and I was with my friends from high school tuition. Spot me where am I. I look kinda tomboy in these pictures. Haha.


My friends, they posted it on facebook. I am not sure there were pictures taken or not. But publishing in facebook, life is easier and it is like announcing to whole world. Haha.


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