Monday, September 3, 2007

Last Friday, as usual, I went to meet them after my work. They were watching Ratatouille at Cinelesiure. Bad guy, they didn't wait me to join them. After movie, John left us to meet his friend. Me and Sai Sai went to the Hereen for some shopping. We walked around and he bought some stuffs. I told him "let's take sticker picture". He said I was about to tell you as well, but just now I was on phone and I couldn't tell you yet. Sweet, huh. We took neoprint at Sticker club. I didn't know what I was posing like compared to so-called-professional-model-actor-singer?

Designed by ME

Designed by HIM (Mr.Superman)

Designed by HIM (why too much flowery?)

Designed by ME

Designed by ME (Do we look like we are begging for food? lol, that why I added some sweet and cakes as decoration. And yes, we haven't had dinner yet.)

Designed by HIM (Is it Superman or power ranger pose? Look at his legs. lol)
One of my cousin pose exactly same like him (same for the hand pose only)

After that, we went to meet some of his colleagues at Paragon. They were buying laptop at Sony Gallery Paragon. He ran away from there, because he wanted to get Sony Vaio Ultra Slim or something like that laptop. He was about to die to get it. The price is about S$3600++. Please anyone can get it for him?

We had dinner at Paragon. I was eyeing for this Italian restaurant for spaghetti, but Sai Sai said he wanted to eat some meal with rice. So we ended up eating at this restaurant called My mum's cuisine. Man! what a cool name? The Chinese food restaurant.

Tada~~ Dinner time.
Sweet and Sour chicken in front of me, steamed chicken, fish (left), prawn (right corner), some vege with mushroom.
Yummylicious, right?

Being a blogger, I don't want to forget to take picture when I eat some nice food at somewhere. The other day, when I had dinner with them, I totally forgot to take photo at Waan Waan Thai Restaurant at Food Republic. I was so ga-ga over the food. Maybe, I was drooling for my tom yam soup on that night.Thai food is one of my favorite food.

Can you spot me? :D
(left to right) Ye Lay, Chilli, Ei Nway, Thiri, J Me, Me, Sandi Myint Lwin, Thazin, John, Kaung Myat.
(Sitting) Yan Chan, Sai Sai.
I have no idea that where was Ko Zeya Thaw, Yatha woke up late and he was still dressing up.
By the way, the place was in front of the hotel they stayed Hotel Royal on Newton Road.

Gosh, The groupy picture including me is on Popular Myanmar Journal. I didn't have any group picture with them. I guess it was on the show day (look at the outfit of us and compare them with pictures from my previous post "Fun Time of The Year"). I think this picture was on bambino sister's camera, because the journal new is about short interview with them.
The picture is so small. But just as remembrance since I don't have picture with everyone.

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  1. madyjune said...
    I like all the photos with you and Sai Sai. You guys look cute together.

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