Thursday, June 5, 2008

Public Transport Vs Private Vehicle

Disclaimer : I don't want to offend to anything. It is just my purely thought, random thought.

I just want to have like another way round of thinking after I saw some sign board to encourage to take public transport. There's always have disadvantage and advantage for both.

Public Transport - uncomfortable, time consuming, save cost, etc

Private Vehicle - costly, time saving, can reach door-steps or at least nearest, but sometimes can be headache to find parking lots, etc

Of course, those people who have private vehicle, can afford and have money. I feel like they buy the 'TIME' by using money. Will they switch to public transport and waste time just to cut cost and because of pollution? Talking about pollution, I don't think Singapore is much air polluted yet. Most of the cars here are new and have been taken care good.

Public transport can be consumed time. Like from my home to work, it is about 1 hour trip. I don't think private vehicle will take 1 hour trip to go to work from my home. And it can happen some accidents too. Example, today, a woman stepped on my toes with her high heel on the bus. I was like "Shhhhh" (I didn't say sh!t, just the sound like eating you eat extra hot and spicy food). She turned back her head and looked at me. She didn't apologize and say sorry. Dammit!!!
And another example like yesterday, train stopped at Admiralty MRT which I take my train. All the passengers had to get out from train and wait another train like freaking 4 mins and which make crowd so big. When next train came, everyone squeezed into the train (Read at Stomp about this article : there has picture as well), there still had a lot of people which couldn't get into train yet.

Ok, I don't mean to encourage to have more private vehicles. It is just my thought and I just quite don't like the idea about encouraging to take public transport even though they can't give commuters tip top good services yet.

I believe everyone will switch to public transport if everyone can get seats whenever we take train or bus. Waiting time maximum is 2 minutes. 24 hours train. How about that?

Or should everyone dump their private vehicles and take public transport in whatever situations it is (sacrifice)?

One thing, EPR and petrols price can be as high as sky. Then, force people to take public transport, right? If you can't afford, just take public transport. If you can afford, just bear with it.

Ok, both have disadvantages and advantages. So choose yourself. I rather like this way.

I remember this quote from my friend's messenger status. "Save the planet, Kill yourself".


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