Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday (7/6/08)

Saturday shopping was fun. I went to Plaza Singapura and Vivo City with Winle and we had shopping at there. Shop a lot, eat a lot. First at Long John Silver (I love food at there, it was so great). Then qq-rice, they are like those glutinous rice / sticky rice with some food stuffs inside (we can choose our own food stuffs that what we want to put, it is new things, so I tried). Pizza Pazza at Vivo City, the seafood paradise spaghetti was really great. Lasagna was marvelous with a lot of cheese. The pudding (ponna panta or something, I forgot how to call) was fabulous. I love food and no wonder I become fatter.

Let's start with shopping list.

I wanted a bag. The Guess bag I wanted, no longer in Guess shops at Vivo City, Raffles City Shopping Center, Plaza Singapura (learn lesson, grab the thing you want when you see it. If you go next time and find again, you won't probably see anymore)

So I just bought this silver bag from Tangs. The bag is from Stella Stella. I like it because it is silver and there has key charm hanging with letter 'S' which is initial of my name.

Inside is hot pink. Okay, it is what a girl wants. (I took this picture after I went out on Sunday, so there has my wallet. I don't have much thing to put in a bag anyway. Just wallet, lip gloss, powder which are all inside zip.)

I wanted to have thin silver bag. I got it from Tangs.

I bought these t-shirts and short pants from Cotton On. I like the color of those short pants. Purple and green. Wearing white and green makes me feel like my high school days in my country.

This shirt design has in back as well.

I don't know the color from t-shirt and short pant will match or not. Whatever, let it be.

I bought this dress from Yin & Yang. Winle said wearing white make her feel like nurse. I was like, um, is it? Maybe, not for me. So when I wore yesterday, I felt a bit like nurse. But never mind, I put silver belt on my waist and try to less feel like nurse.

This fake diamond ring from Cotton On as well. I wanted to have wrist strap diamond (crystal?) as well. But it was like so big. I feel not dare to wear ring and wrist strap. It is more suitable to wear in night event and some occasion only.

I got this card from Tangs. I wanted to have those juicy tubes limited edition from Lancome. I like the gold color juicy tubes. But I still have lip gloss. I don't really wear except I go out in weekends. Plus I just got gold color lip gloss from Givenchy. Remember?

Sunday (8/6/08)

I met Dean at City Hall. We had coffee at Starbucks One Fullerton and sat down and felt the breeze for a while near Merlion. After that we had dinner at Inle. Dean learned so much about Myanmar from me. I hope he would visit to Myanmar when I go back this December? I was thinking as second thought that should I become tourist guide? =D Not just for foreigners from other countries, as for those people from Myanmar who come to Singapore for shopping and visit. I like showing them around and become like tour guide as well. I did a few times before to my friends and my relatives.

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  1. Nakia said...
    Nice T shirts... it's an intelligent buy. I have also done apparel shopping at ExOfficio, it's too worthy.

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