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Set during the Joseon Dynasty, Ryung acts as a useless gangster in the marketplace by day but at night he is a chivalrous robber who robs corrupt government officials to give to the poor. After each robbery he leaves behind a wooden branch from a plum tree at the site of the robbery to take responsibility for the robbery. The poor citizens only know him as Iljimae. Bong Soon is a hilarious girl with good martial art skills and lives as a swindler. She only loves Ryung and sacrifices her whole life for him. Eun Chan is a doctor's daughter and is good in nature and usually helps miserable people. She meets Iljimae once by chance, and their sweet love story begins. However, her love puts Iljimae in a dangerous situation because an Imperial Guard also loves her.
Frankly, I don't like historical Korean drama. But I watch Iljimae all because of Lee Junki. He's the eye candy. I like watching his drama and movie. Subtitle is out only until episode 2. While I was watching episode 2, I cried at the scene about Lee Junki's childhood image stoned his mother to avoid the suspection of being rebel's son.

Both of Lee Junki's dramas "Time between Dog and Wolf" and this "Iljimae", since his childhood life, he lost both of his parents. So poor thing.

Upcoming movies I want to watch & The Movie I watched

Cherry Tomato


Park Gu makes a living for himself and his granddaughter Da-seong by collecting recyclable paper on the street. Their situation becomes worse when his son is released from prison and steals Park's savings, and his bicycle-drawn cart ― his only tool for making money ― is destroyed by construction workers. Park visits the house of the construction company's head, where he ends up trying to steal meat for his hungry granddaughter. But the meat, which was for the owner's dog, had been poisoned by the housekeeper, who doesn't like her boss.

The kid is so cute, furthermore, she can act well regardless of her age. I saw her in "Heart is" movie before. I love her and adore her.

Frivolous Wife


Inspired by Shakespeare's classic of the same name. Yeon-su is a beautiful but naughty young woman whose family became millionaires overnight. All men fall in love with her at first sight, but Jeong-do, the only son of a respected family, has no regard for her. Yet despite this, the two fall in love and get married. However, their conflicting families shake up their wedded bliss. 12 and over.

This movie could be fun and comedy movie. And Park Jin Woo is cute. I can't miss to watch his movie.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Di Do

This movie is made from FanFic. I thought it must be oh-so-good. But it failed my expectation (I was expecting so much). Just normal movie only. I don't feel 'woah' factor and any fabulous twist, surprises in movie.

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  1. madyjune said...
    I luv the little kid from "Heart Is" so I'm looking forward to this new movie.

    I never liked the fanfic of Do Re Mi Fa 'cuz the plot is so typical which can be seen in most Korean movies.

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