Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am buying quite a lot of things from lately. Without going to any shopping centers or things, it is making my pocket hole bigger and bigger. I cannot resist cute things.
VOV blusher and lip gloss
Tony Moly Tomatox Brighening Mask

Baviphat BB Cream with sample

Pupa Brushes

Baviphat Nail Polish

Dear Face Nail Polish

Baviphat Mini Masks 

3W Loose Powder

Cracking Nail Polish

The place where my loves stay

I just love nail polish

My bling bling nail

I still have a few more items which are on the way of delivering to me and I didn't take pictures of a few items as well. Another yayyyy is I just bought iphone 4G from online. Now waiting for delivering. I am into online shopping and waiting presents at home like everyday. Iphone 4 is early birthday for myself and from my dear brother. Haha. Sweet.
I am going back Yangon in next month and I will stay there about like 20 days. I am so looking forward to it.

To Vico : Nope, my VIP friend already went back to Myanmar. Another VIP friend will come again in March, a little bit lesser VIP though =p I like my tshirt too, it is cute, right? I am currently into those big tshirt with unique and cute designs.

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  1. Vico said...
    How much nail polish, powder do you need? :P
    P.S., Iphone 4 is still 3G, it isn't 4G. :D

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