Monday, February 28, 2011

I gonna receive iphone 4 tomorrow. Apple already sent with DHL express and I am expecting to receive by tomorrow. So I just ordered a few casings from gmarket. Will pose picture when I receive case. They are cute and unique. Well, I might not have time to use immediately or I don't know yet. I have to go and get my sim card cut to become micro sim card and change plan at starhub. Straight working till 3 March. Then my friend is coming here, and I will have off day till 8 March, to hang out with my friend. After that 9 straight working day until 17 March. Then off to Yangon, teehee. My one and only brother doesn't want to send me to airport. Grrr. He said why don't you go yourself? I may have more than one bag and I am girl/woman. Ok? Why don't you help me? I am not asking stranger. I am asking my one and only brother. I guess we were enemies in our past life.

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  1. Vico said...
    Lucky you, many vacations.
    Have you not been a good sister lately? :P

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