Friday, August 29, 2008

It is so hard to get my future darling Samsung F700. Geez, I went like three places just to find this phone to buy. But guess what, turn out like there has none. It is either out of stock or Samsung stop manufacturing this model. I don't know. Dammit. I'm so mad. Yesterday I went to all the shops which sell Samsung products at Comex IT show. Why they are pushing to sell only F480 and Omnia only. I'm obesses with QWERTY keyboard, not just with touch screen. With QWERTY keyboard slider is UNIQUE. After that show, I went to this mega handphone store at Plaza Singapura. There had none for this model as well and asked me to come back next week. After that, I went to this handphone shop at Toa Payoh (I found out that shop from website). They asked me to come back tomorrow (which is today) again.


  1. Vico said...
    What about getting a Blackberry or a HTC Touch Pro, there's also the Xperia X1, all those have qwerty keyboards.
    SZA said...
    ya..i know not thinkin of blackberry..
    but HTC touch pro and sony ericsson x1..but they all are not out in here yet (singapore)..

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