Friday, June 19, 2009

Be Unique

It is not like I am so desperate to get boyfriend or marry. But I really love love their wedding photo shoot from 'We Got Married' korean variety show (So In Young and Crown J are not really married. Photoshoot is from that tv program). I love their photoshoot among all the other couples. Crown J pulls off from tradional-all-same-groom-suits. He wears this big blingbling necklace, tacky golden coat, wearing sunglasses and new era cap. He is oh so unique. The photoshoot is unique also such as with all their so-called-babies SHOE.

I like this picture.

Check out the pictures from below. I like them best.

Btw, one of my best friend is going to give birth her baby girl next month in Texas. Almost all my best friend around my age (some are a bit older than me about 1-3 years) are married. This baby boy is one of my best friend's son. Now I am staying at their house. I can see him like everyday and babysit him for sometimes. He is so cute. He is about 5 months old now.

Well, at new house, it was taken last month after finished some cleaning. It reminds me of this lyric. Maybe, I was holding guitar and feel like rockstar?

When you walked, through the door
It was clear to me
You're the one, they adore
Who they came to see
You're a, rock star
Everybody wants you
Who can really blame you?
We're the ones who made you

It is lyric from Eminem song "We Made You". I like this song. Haha, it is just random feeling though. Punching bag beside me, I tried to punch sometimes (exercise?). This guitar is my friend's newly purchase. He still has about 3 more guitars or something. Guitar craze guy (the baby boy's dad).

To MaBayDar : I replied you in your blog :)

To Vico : I didn't know you watch those KDrama. I still need two more episodes to finish. I need subtitles (argh, I should learn korean?). What other dramas are you watching currently? Any good and exciting one, not too draggy and slow one though. Phillip Lee, I love him when he speaking, his voice is so sexy even sexier when he talks in English :D It is not like I like homosexual type guy, but I just like him :p

Picture credit : google. I forgot where I got it from exactly. I just saved them in my PC.

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  1. Vico said...
    K-dramas I'm watching: That Fool-- Fun too watch even though the outcome is obvious. Brilliant Legacy-- nothing spectacular about this show, but if you like the bad-boy-falls-for-the-girl stories, then you'll like this show. I think it might get draggy though cause it's going to be like 28 eps. My Too Perfect Sons -- Saw the first couple of eps and it seems enjoyable, but it's going to be like 50 eps, so I don't think I'll watch it all.
    You should check out the k-movie, Speedy Scandal, I thought it was pretty good.

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