Monday, May 4, 2009

Teddy's birthday on 1st May. Me and Winle went to his house. His wife and mom-in-law cooked mote hin gar. I had two bowls of it and became so full.

Fruit cake (I always choose fruit cake if I buy cake and give to someone else)

Mote Hin Gar (I can view this picture and drool again when I am hungry)

After that went shopping with Winle. I bought hot pink Billabong wallet and silver flip flop from Kustom Footwear

Nice Graffiti

Good hair day (last night after washing hair and A2M took the picture)

P.S I am fat, so what? I saw some messages flooding in my cbox and cursing me. If you hate me and think I am ugly b!tch, don't come to my blog. Thank you. I never say I am pretty.


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