Friday, February 19, 2010

I want this hoodie. Rihanna and Lee Hyori wore this before. I like and want it not because they wore this before. I want it because I love hoodie and this looks unique, fun and cute. (I will minus out tail thing). Wings sneaker is sizzling hot. Plus, it is gold color.

 If I get one, will I have courage to wear this? Haha, I don't know. But nowadays, you wear this crazy stuffs and don't worry, people won't think you are crazy, they will think/say are you trying to be Lady Gaga. Thanks to Lady Gaga's fashion style, we are still far cry from her. Because look at this, Lady Gaga at Brit Award. Ice cream cone?

Feeling school girl uniform
This is in toilet. Na Na pub toilet. This sofa is comfy. Can't resist to take picture. Some people said I look like gangster or god mother or the pose of YEH from Lady Castle (where is two good-looking prince around me?)

My cousin AAM took this photo. I was queue to withdraw money from ATM. My body is unproportional? Upper body is bigger than my lower body (legs).

This is school uniform in my country. White and green.

To Vico : The BBQ buffet, they only have chicken, beef, prawn, mussels and those hard shell things (I don't eat and I don't know how to call them). No steak, no ribs or other things. Not much choice. 50 years old? I am going to be soon in next 24 years :D Maybe, you are welcome to find one for me.

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  1. Vico said...
    What kind of BBQ doesn't have steak or ribs? They need to change their name. :P
    24 years isn't really 'soon'. :D I don't think I'm a good match maker, I don't really know any pretty boys like the ones you like. :P

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