Friday, February 26, 2010

I was digging up my past by reading my old xanga, looking through all the pictures at there and reading what I have written there. I was immature and childish. But that time, it was a cozy place with such a group of lovely people, Nang, Lynn, Khine, Julie, Honey, Kris, Yu Mon, Anna, Sammie and a lot of people. I used to get a lot of comments from these people.

I am saving all my old pictures from xanga. Gonna repost here when I feel like to. It will be nice to look back on my blogspot when I stop blogging or something.


I look like I got face stroke or something

I don't know why, I feel I look like ducky in this photo


This could use as poster for ghost/horror movie?

Crybaby (just acting)




Oh, I just saw UFO up there!!!

In changing room

All these pictures are taken by my phone Sony Ericsson W800. My first camera phone ever in 2006, it is 2 Mega pixel phone and it is quite decent picture quality though.

I guess my skin in past was much better than current skin. I used to have clear skin and no pimples. Nowadays, sometimes, I have about one or two pimples and when pimples are gone, I have pimple scars. Maybe, due to stress. Last time, I was still student, no worry, stress and carefree life. Now I am working adult with full of stress and burden. Darn. I am old and aging now.

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  1. Vico said...
    You really like the self shots, eh? :P

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