Friday, February 12, 2010

Had company buffet lunch at Furama
Baked potato with wild mushroom, prawn, lamb stew.
First round, I had tried almost everything. And these are my fave. Lamb stew is quite good. Prawn has sweetness of it own. Potato is nice and wild mushroom is fantastic. I love all types of mushroom. I think they are cute, fun and yummy.

Dessert time.
(Upper) peach mousse, strawberry mousse, pudding
(below) chocolate leftover from marsh mellow dip in chocolate fountain, scoop of yam ice cream with different types of nuts, I name my ice cream as Good Girl Gone Nuts, lastly, custard puff

This is home made cook. I saw this dish from one of my friend in facebook. Minced pork with potato and egg. I have tried to cook it. Not bad, nice.

Cupcake or what? I don't know my co-worker gave me

Had alcapone donuts with Kathy. On the box, it show three means 'I love you'.

Can have fun in toilet
Act cute, Baaa!!!


Blow kiss but look like what? (Gimme the money?)

To Vico : Yes, all my uncles and my cousins from my dad's side love to eat a lot. Worry for photos? Treat me good food, I will take pictures. I mean the photos from trip is no more. Well, in Singapore, I have not much activity and nothing to take pictures too unless I go out.

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  1. Vico said...
    You ate all that in one day? I would have ended up with a stomach ache. :D Cute restroom pics. ;)

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