Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is second day in Pyin Oo Lwin

Breakfast. Minced port with rice or something. It was my first time eating this.

Shan Noodle. I love Shan noodle. I kept on eating like a lot during whole trip.

Fried Tofu

After breakfast, we went to hair salon to get our hairs washed. It was super cold weather and we didn't bring hair dryer. Hotel didn't provide one also. Then we saw this shop selling milk which is near to hair salon. Although I don't really like milk, I just wanted to have it because I thought it would be kinda pure milk which won't mix with a lot of water like in YGN.
Naunt Naunt with her yogurt drink. She wanted to drink strawberry milk so much. Too bad, not available yet because no strawberry.

Got milk? Me & my milk.
My sweater, I bought it like last 10 years ago or something.

Pure Milk

After milk shop, we walked around and shopped around a bit. Then Sai Sai called us and told us they have reached Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin. After that we had lunch at one of Indian shop. The food is good.
And we had prepared to go to Yadanarpone ICT place.

Up on the stage to see them. It was frigging cold on the stage. I felt as the stage was quite unstable and not built well. I was scared all the time and thinking when would it be collapsed. My heel stucked on the stage as well. I had to be extra careful when walked or moved around on the stage.


After the show, we were back to Hotel to leave some stuffs and headed to Ti Ti's house for dinner. Dinner was awesome and there had sooooooooo much food. We became full even though we didn't eat rice. Thanks to Ti Ti's mom.
After dinner, we had moved to Feel restaurant. It is located in front of lake. John insisted to sit outside. It was freezing. No one wanted to sit outside, and finally we sat inside.
But we sat there for a while to take photo.
Me and Naunt Naunt
I have borrowed leather jacket and black jacket from Sai Sai. He was kind enough to give me. I got gloves from John as well.

Me & Naunt Naunt at Feel

John the my brother a.k.a brother black pig, Me & Naunt Naunt
Ko Nay Min, Ko Myo Zaw, Sai Sai and Ko Han Htun having some discussion

Ok now they all taken pictures with us.
(Left) Ko Nay Min, Ko Myo Zaw, John
(Right) Sai Sai, Ko Han Htun, Ti Ti, Me
I had thai tea frappe. I didn't know it is cold drink. I thought it is hot drink. I knew it is cold drink when I only got served. Ko Han Tun was so surprised that I had ordered cold drink in super cold weather. And he asked me surprisely, 'are you drinking cold drink?'. I said 'No, I wrongly ordered and I thought it is hot drink but it turns out to be cold drink'.
When we were about to leave the place, Sai Sai picked a few ice and naughtily trying to put some ice into our clothes. I had to run. Poor Naunt Naunt got the ice in her cloth. Bully brother.
Not only running away from ice. Outside of restaurant, it is super duper cold. I had to run into car once the door locks were opened by remote. I didn't care if they were still talking outside. I had to sit inside car which is warmer than outside.

The third day. Going around places to have breakfast at some good food stalls, due to the fact, we woke up late. No more food in that stall. We just went another place to have breakfast. After that went to somewhere to have pure milk again. It was in some field. We could even see cows at there.
After that in some shop, Sai Sai and John had shopping. Then, we packed things and prepared to go Mandalay Airport. On the way, they had to sing at ICT show again. It was last minute urgent request. John didn't want it because we might miss flight. But still they still sang at ICT show.

Ok, the flight was 2PM. We had reached airport at 2:30PM. Shoot! We had missed flight. We tried for another flight. Only three seats leave, so John had to stay behind for another flight again.

I have met Ye Lay in Pyin Oo Lwin. He didn't have plan to come for Pyin Oo Lwin show at first. He would just be at Mandalay for shows and promotions or something. But I didn't know what made him decide to come Pyin Oo Lwin, whatever, it is still good. It was so nice of him that he called me that he would be coming to Pyin Oo Lwin. But I just met him a while only at show though.

To Vico : The hat, it is troublesome for me to bring to Myanmar and Pyin Oo Lwin. Because I couldn't pack it in luggage. I had to wear it like the whole time. 16'C is ok for me only if I will be under the sun. If as air con, I could't stand it. Yes, waterfall is nice, there still has another waterfall, we didn't have time to go though. You should visit Myanmar and we can go there, right? :) I had flu. My friends said it is new flu or something. I didn't know. They told me I might be sick like for 5 days and would have skin rash after that, it is kinda recovery rash or something.

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  1. Vico said...
    Looks like you had a heavy breakfast. :D I don't think I've ever been to a place just to drink milk. :P

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