Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love my home sweet home in YGN. I took a few pictures of surroundings and market (which is called night market). It becomes crowded and alive in evening and early night only.

Used clothes / Second-hand clothes stalls

Guess what is that red thing on the mango tree

It is cloth hanger. Crows took them and made as bird nest. My mom said she kept on losing them and found them on tree later.

My mom wanted to pose. She still looks great. I am fatter than her.

On the rooftop of my home (rooftop on 8 storey). My dad has 7 siblings including him. So each gets one level plus ground floor is car parking or things.
I love this rooftop a lot.
It has superb view. These are sunset photos.
I told my mom I want to live and stay here. And I told her to building room for me. So I could live like penthouse. I love penthouse and want to stay in penthouse.
"Please Dad & Mom, could you make it for me?"
The only CON is I have to climb up stairs to rooftop. There has no LIFT. Maybe, I could lose some weight by climbing up stairs all the way to rooftop?

I can see Yangon River and boats in the river.

I can see Shwedagon Pagoda from rooftop.

What is this tall building? It is kinda rare to see tall building (like 20 storey or more) in YGN.

Full Moon at night. The moon was shining brightly, maybe because everywhere was dark. No light pollution.
I love seeing stars in YGN. I could see a lot of stars in YGN, I love stars. I miss seeing them in the sky. In SG, there only have a few stars in the sky.

I have taken moon photo from my house window. It was New Year Eve night. I couldn't meet Sai Sai that night because he left his house and I planned to go his house to join. Then I didn't bother anymore and just stayed at home for NYE with my parents. We did nothing though. I could hear some celebrations in the neighbourhood after clock striked 12.
I missed the chance to go concerts, parties on NYE of 2008 and 2009. Should I regret or piss? IDK. It was kinda forced stay home, kinda annoying though because had planned ahead before and something missed out, so couldn't join.

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  1. Vico said...
    Nice pics. :) Living next to a market seems kinda noisy, though. 8 floors? That isn't a house, it's more like a building. Your 'penthouse' will turn it into like a hotel. Though I've never heard of a penthouse were you had to walk up the stairs to get to it. :P

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