Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was on Christmas night. I went to this concert. I went to Sai Sai's house to go together with them. And I told Susie that I gonna meet her there. I was sick on that day, just recovered like 30% only. I wanted to go there, so I got a shot at my aunt's clinic in early morning.

Just testing camera (because it was pretty dark at back stage). Random people

Me, Susie, Swe Thet Paing (Susie's cousin)
It is just happened to know that Susie's cousin is someone I know from my high school St Augustine. We weren't closed, but I know who is she and we were from same batch.

Me, Susie, Sai Sai. He just got corn roll for this concert. I was waiting at home, playing Wii game with Naunt Naunt
After the concert, we had plan to go some places to have dinner or supper. Then suddenly, I was shivering and Sai Sai wanted to go back home to have shower, change clothes. Then planned to meet later. But my sickness was back, Susie got curfew and we just went back home. I just took medicine and trying to sleep. Sai Sai called me they were out to Chinatown and having some food. Not fair! Out of all the times, why I have to get sick in Myanmar. My mom kept on saying that I might be allergic to Myanmar (it could be that I know there have people, Dad & Mom who will take care of me, I just want their cares toward me?). But I don't want to stay in SG though.

I have met my friend from high school tuition. Almost all of them are doctors. One guy is in army. I could only meet four friends (three girls and one guy). We had met at SS food centre for like breakfast. Then, they told me WMK is in Thanlyin. So I told them why don't we go and see her? I was pretty hype and every times, I told them why don't we go there and there?

On the way. It was on bridge. Thanlyin is in YGN division, but quite far from city though. On the way, I was telling them I wanted to go this and that, some shopping malls, restaurants, and food places, etc. I told them I never been there and asked them to send me those places after we meet WMK. But they didn't have time, they had some appointments.

(Standing) Ei Khine Soe, Win Mar Khine
(Sitting) Me, Theingi Win
They all are doctors.
WMK has to do duty at some hospital/clinic at Thanlyin
Had lunch restaurant near WMK's hospital

Thiha Tun, Me, Theingi Win, Win Mar Khine, Ei Khine Soe
Win Mar Khine got engaged in Nov or something. She gona get married in May 2010 and Nilar Zaw gonna get married as well. They asked me to come back to YGN to attend their weddings. But I couldn't do so. I have missed all the weddings of my relatives and my best friends. Darn.

I got my nail done at salon again, after like 10 days of first nail design.

To Vico : I live in level 3 of that building. But it is still my home. The youngest uncle lives at level 8. My dad's siblings they all could just take any levels they want. When I was young, I had stayed at that place, but it wasn't this building yet. Then we had moved to another place when I was 13 years old. We just reconstruct to this building like 3 or 4 years ago only. Then my parents moved back here and sold the other house. Walk up to my penthouse, isn't it unique? I will invite you, won't you come?

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  1. Vico said...
    Stinks that you got sick during your vacation, at least you had a good time. :)

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