Monday, March 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday, I was just lazing around and playing computer game (not FB game) till I got dizzy and giddy. My friend Minn Bo texted me to go out. We planned to watch movie and had dinner. But movie time was quite late and would end pretty late. So we just had dinner together at Kenny Roger at Marina Square. I love Kenny Roger's chicken and side dishes. Minn Bo had ribs. After that there had Army Road Show. Minn Bo is pretty interested about Army and he wanted to join. But he couldn't because he is not Singaporean citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident. Minn Bo asked me to try. Ok, the guns are real gun (of course, no bullet inside) and they are pretty heavyyyyy. I even shot the gun. Minn Bo asked a lot of questions to officers. Officers were super nice to answers all the questions,  demonstrate how to use guns, functions and stuffs. Minn Bo was like a kid who found a lot of toys to play with.

I should have serious mood. I was quite smiling, lol.

On the way back home. The moon is quite full. I can't resist not to take photo. I love sky, moon and stars.

I have bought two earrings in last week. I don't smoke cigarette. But I wear. Haha. I love pretty unique earrings which will make other people go like 'Wow'.

Lolli lolli lollipop. The sweet thing.

Zipper. I have this pretty long ago. Pretty long time ago, on the bus, I saw a girl wore this. I was like 'WOW'. I wanna have it. I was lucky enough to get it in Aries Accessories Shop. I had pink zipper before. Now I am wearing green zipper. Almost all the people (even random people, kids and those aunties from food stalls in food court) I meet and who see my zipper ear stud, they go 'WOW' and talk to me about zipper. Will I zip my ear and things, they make jokes about it. I love that feeling.
P.S I am wearing dice as well :)
I do have hamburger, sandwich and those kinda thing ear studs as well. But my mom loves it and I gave them to her.

To Vico : I like self shot. So you don't like me to self shot and pose pictures here? Then, there won't have pictures for you. :p I even dug these pictures from my xanga :)

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  1. Vico said...
    haha Those earrings are pretty cool, very unique. :)
    No I like the pics, keep them coming. :D

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