Sunday, March 21, 2010

I had to go shopping for these cartoon design t-shirts. My friend asked me to help him out to find some t-shirts for him. He wanted from TOPMAN. The designs from TOPMAN US and UK aren't here in Singapore yet. Plus the designs in Singapore are not that good and not much designs of cartoons. I had to go around a few shops. And finally at Bugis for t-shirts hunting. Kathy has exam and she couldn't join me. Wynnle isn't feeling well, so she couldn't join me too. So I had no choice but to go alone. The good thing is I could go around and around as much as I like and I want. If my friends have to go around and around a lot of time, I might feel a little bit of sorry to them. The bad thing is if I go shopping with my friends, they can give me their point of views on the items of what I gonna buy. It is better than I decide alone, right?
Well, about the t-shirts, I thought I might not be able to find it, but finally, I did, I did, I am so happy and proud of myself that I can find it. Hopefully, my friend will like it.

Me and Kweet Kweet playing in my room. He has beautiful eyes.

He is playing hide and seek with me.

He is going to visit Yangon on next Saturday for about two weeks with his parents. I gonna miss him a lot. Kweet Kweet is about 1 year and 2 months now. He could walk and talk some Gu-Gu-Gar-Gar.

To Vico : Over-weight? That's gonna be me, you do work out rite? So you must be fitted.
To Aud : Sure, I will be your guide. I watched a few episodes of Style. But I couldn't finish watching it.

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  1. Vico said...
    How much time did you spend just for t-shirts? Yeah, I work out, but if I had a poor diet then, I'd gain weight. :D

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