Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today, I had workshop seminar at Pan Pacific Hotel. After workshop, I met Kathy to go shopping at The Body Shop Sale. This time, I didn't want to buy so much of body lotions and stuffs. Singapore weather is hot. I don't use air con at home. So if I use body lotions, I feel as they are melting on me. I was limiting myself not to buy a lot of stuffs, Kathy wanted me to buy more stuffs than her. So I bought more stuffs than her and my spending was more than her, and she won't feel guilty. I wanted to buy some make up stuffs like blusher only. So I have bought cheek blushers, lip gloss (love love lip gloss, I still have it, but can't stop from buying more), this bronze shimmer thing and shimmer body lotion (I love love love all the shimmer things, I can't stop buying them as well, I think I am making myself sparkling like Edward from Twilight).

After shopping at The Body Shop, a little bit shopping at CitiLink, I wanted to buy these sunglasses since last month. But I have bought them only today. I will probably wear these sunglasses only when I take pictures. I am not really used to wearing sunglass all the time yet. I have bought some bracelets as well, I wanted to buy necklace, but didn't find the one I really like.

The things above makes me sparkling, can't really see in photo though. In real life, it is more shimmering and sparkling on my skin.

Colorful Sunglasses are FUN. I want more Pink, Red, Blue, Green, etc

I can't wait to take photo with them. So here I am.

I went to Charles & Keith sale as well. Although I have so much shoes and heels, I feel as I don't have anything to wear. But in that sale, it was super crowded, I was carrying my laptop bag and I didn't really find the one I like it. I was looking to get not high heel, just normal one to wear as casual. But end up eyeing on high heels only. Wearing flat shoe is really comfortable, but I don't like any of the design or they only have really big size. At Charles & Keith, all the girls/ladies/women are trying to be Cinderella. I mean trying out the shoes and heels.

Okie, now in the town, there have sales at like everywhere. The big IT show, The Body Shop Sale, Charles & Keith Sale, I wish money drops from the sky. Grant my wish, please!


  1. Noble Silence said...
    can you share your stuffs with me? :D
    Vico said...
    Never trust women who say they won't buy much. They always came out of the store with their hands full. :P

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