Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beth is in town. Me, Nang and Beth met at Cafe Iguana which is Mexican Restaurant and Bar. I haven't had dinner yet. So I ordered Grilled Chicken Burrito and my drink was Virgin Margarita. It was my second time at Cafe Iguana. The first time was with co-workers from my previous job. We had dinner at there after we wrapped up one of the project. After dinner at Cafe Iguana, we headed to Zirca. We met the rest Kat, Ra Ra, Lynn there.

Nang & Me

Me & Beth

Grilled Chicken Burrito

Locker room

Like Nang's outfit

Me & Beth. Oh my small eyes

Ra Ra & Me. She is so pretty

Lynn, Ra Ra, Beth & Me
Lynn is looking good, I didn't meet her for ages.

Beth, Me, Ra Ra & Nang

Me & Beth in Rebel

Drink of the night

To Vico : Haha, you know me. Well, how was your burrito? For me, it was my first time. My friend told me it wasn't my birthday.
To Aud : Darlinnnggg.. I am glad you finally left comment here :) Yes, I got glittery shimmer lotion from The Body Shop. I am not sure they have in Ausi or not. The Body Shop is based in England.


  1. aud said...
    yeah after all those years i finally did :D Oh we have body shop in australia i'll look for it when i go the store next time. I wanna shine and sparkle haha.

    btw you look great! I love it when you dress up with heels and stuff. suits you very much. so I'm guessing you went clubbing?
    Vico said...
    Cool pics. :) You're like a party animal. :P Really? That was your first time eating a burrito?

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