Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today is TP Thingyan Festival 2010. I didn't go there last year.

Before I left from my house, trying some sel-ca-ing. One of my friend said my hair looks shorter and she thought I got hair cut or hair trimmed. Maybe, I was looking up camera too much. Loving this white frame over-sized sunglass. Because after wearing this, you can't see me well. I am thinking to get blue frame sunglass and yellow frame sunglass, I saw them in shop the other day.

My friend told me that my legs are like pig legs. He told me I was showing off my pork chop legs. I know he was teasing me. He always makes fun of me that I am single and I didn't get married yet. And he already got a 1 year old son.

At school, with Lu Lu, she looks nice with leather jacket.

So Far, So Good

Lu Lu's sister Racheal and Me

Me, Racheal and Lu Lu
My friends told me I look like I lost some weight. But I don't, I gain some weight in measuring scale. Look like something wrong, right? Sometimes, wearing some dress or clothing, it can make a person looks fatter or slimmer, agree? But still, my upper body looks huge, especially my shoulder and my upper arms.

I don't know how to insert TP song in my blog post. I love TP song. I feel like I want to cry when I hear TP song (maybe, I am graduated and I miss my school day). I missed my school orientation days and memory as well. I remember that during 3 days orientation days in school, I got kinda crush on this student president and his name is Adrian. Haha. All fresher students had to sleep in basketball court for 3 days, 2 nights and we had to do a lot of activities and games.
Temasek's me, Temasek's you, We're a Team.

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  1. Vico said...
    Pretty pics. ;) Wait, so the sun glasses were only for indoors? You didn't take them with you? :P

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