Friday, October 31, 2008

Assignment + worked related software training, etc make me busy. I can't even update my blog yet. I have a few things to write about in my mind. Well, but I can't update all and can't recall what I want to write, geez.

Finally, I got to see my little cousin (now I know how she looks like, haha, she is cute though). She will be currently my youngest cousin. I gotta see her in Dec, yayyy.

little cousin and her dad

I bought a lot of Ben 10 stuffs for my two of cousins (not this little cousin).

My cousin came to Gtalk, then I asked them what do they want me to get present for them. So they wanted me to buy Ben 10 for them, so yeah, I bought for them as present. I never know what is Ben 10 before. This is new kid stuff? (I know powerpuff girl, mickey, power ranger, etc, but never knew Ben 10). When I tried to buy Ben 10 for them, I found out a lot of Ben 10 stuffs in market which make a drill in my wallet. So finally, I bought stickers, coloring book, water bottle, watch, towel, wallet, car, toy (some items are not in pictures) each for two of my cousins. I love my cousins, yeah and I'm eldest among them. Ain't I too good? Queue up to be my cousins? =p Sorry, no more application.


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