Monday, October 20, 2008


I had class. I had to go school. But Friday night, I played game till late like 4AM and end up I didn't want to wake up to go school (not that early to wake up, but still let's say like 11AM? I don't want to wake up though, hee)

Me and my besties (+bf, +hubby, oh yeah, I have none, so I brought my brother :p not only that, I wanted to treat him good food too) went to have buffet at Bugis (third time buffet, baby). As plan earlier, I was supposed to go to meet HM first after my school and went to Bugis. But since I didn't go to school, I straightly went to Bugis with my brother. After Bugis, I had sesame ice cream (that Japanese ice cream stall, I forgot the name). They have like ice cream with new decoraction and stuff now. But I will say expensive (but once in a blue moon eating is ok) $6 for single scoop with cone (maybe, same price as Haagen-Dazs?)

I stayed up late again to play game called "Farmnia" such a time management game. I love time management and I love those kinda working (farm, flight, cake shop, etc) in game (only in game, yeah). I went to sleep like 7AM plus only. I felt guilty again. Haha.

I invited Red to go High School Musical 3 : Senior Year Gala Premiere with me. Yayyy.. Thanks Nuffnang (I love youuuu). It is my 3rd time to go movie Gala Premiere. First was Rush Hour 3, second was Babylon A.D. This time is High School Musical 3.

It was fun to watch, all those high school stuffs (basketball, popular chick, etc) + musical.

After movie, we filled our stomach like there's no tomorrow. Haha. We ordered 12" seafood pizza, baked pasta, chicken lasagna, cotta panna at Pizza Pazza. The portion is quite big. I left last bit of lasagna. Haha. Sadly, I don't have handphone cam anymore and no chance to take picture. Red remembered to take picture but it was like we already finished a few stuffs (pizza and baked pasta). I have to get picture from her.

Thanks god, my stomach didn't burst. To digest and now feeding time for eye. We had shopping at Vivo City. I bought new slipper. new bag, hair clip, foot chain (I wear them to work today and I feel like I am middle school student going to fresh new year of school reopen).

Sigh~~~ Had class today after work. I don't like this subject, VB. Hate to core. Dammit, dammit.


  1. Vico said...
    aww, you took your brother to eat, see you're not an evil sister, your a nice sister. :P I hate saturday classes, I once took one at 8 am, I had to wake up at 6 am to get there on time. I hated it. Wait, so you didn't go to school, but went to eat instead, LOL. Like I said you must really love buffets. Now I seriously want to visit Singapore to eat. XD
    Burmese Gold Bull said...
    how nice...

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